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  1. the worst member on youchew :-)

  2. I wasn't trying to be cool, Ted. Besides, I'll never be "cool."

  3. luigi's chinese cowboy impression is so offensive that mario's stomach ulcer practically explodes and he is unable to ask luigi to stop being so fucking racist.jpg
  4. Happy birthday, Ted! I hope you had a very great one!

  5. Happy Birthday, Ted!

  6. Happy birthday, Ted! Now you're a year older!

  7. Happy birthday!

  8. Whelt has taken an indefinite break for personal reasons.
  9. Negro tedd . Haha . . .

  10. Happy birthday, slugger!

    1. Jayblin
    2. Jayblin


      Oh no I think I have made a grave error

  11. Happy Birthday

  12. Feliz cumpleanos, NergoTed.

  13. Enjoy NOT having birthday at the last day of february this year! Wishing you all the best here.

  14. Yo TiggaNed- you truly were a busta. Love, Ing. THANKS FOR ALL THE HELP, BRO.

  15. B-but it can't end like this!