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  1. It's the moment you've all been waiting for - I'm leaving. I'm not about to say why, and coincidentally enough it actually has nothing to do with SY stepping down - that was just weird timing for both of us. Things have gotten a little too real for me over the past couple of months, and I've come to realise that no matter how bad things might seem, there's always someone or something who can make it worse for you. I know a lot of you see me as an asshole, someone who does nothing but ruin fun and for that I'm sorry - I grew up in a time where you didn't actively encourage naivety on the internet so it's hard for me to just let stupid or ignorant things go unnoticed. For what it's worth, it was never anything personal and that's the absolute truth. It might have seemed like I was targetting you specifically, but I wasn't. Think about it - the amount of times a good deal of you have told me to fuck off or something close to it, and that was that. Anywhere else you'd probably get banned or ganged up on by the other staff members but that doesn't happen here. You make your bed, you sleep in it. I start arguments or debates, it's not up to my friends to finish them. This place isn't the same as it once was. It's bred a lot of pretty horrible people over the years, some worse than others, and none of us can understand why. All I can ask is that you remember that the moderators and admins on here are real people with their own lives, their own problems and that this is just as much a place for them to come as it is for you. Here are a few specific people I'll address because that seems to be pretty common: Cantfly - You are and always were one of my favourite members on here. I always loved how we had a very similar sense of humour, and I'm sure you're just as great a person in the real world as you are on here. Don't ever change. The Pope - Again, nothing personal. You might talk a lot of shit sometimes but you're not a bad guy. Stay cool. AGSMA - You're a genuinely nice guy and I honestly wish you the best in life. jon/bob/Sauce - Even though literally of your opinions are wrong, you're not that much of a dick. I guess. Nah, honestly you're great. Maestro Snail - Another genuinely nice guy, if a little eccentric at times. I hope things improve for you and that you find absolute happiness. Ride - Probably one of the most naturally funny and intelligent guys I've ever known online. You're great, stay great forever. Triple_sSs - Again, a really compassionate and friendly person. I wish you only the best. dew - I hope things improve for you and that you find your place in this world. SeductiveBaz - Was great, is great, always will be great. Billion - One of my oldest friends on here, and you've only changed for the better. Take care of yourself, man. EmmBee - I hope things improve for you as well and that you stop getting so much grief from people in your personal life. You're a nice guy and you don't deserve the trouble you get. zach - Another one of my oldest friends, take care of yourself and stay cool. Erazor - A good man with a great taste in videogames. Another one of my all-time favourite members. And of course, literally every single member of the moderation team. I've thanked you all privately and I'll thank you again publicly. If I've missed any of you, I apologise. Most of you have me in some form of contact off the forum anyway, so feel free to message me and if I'm not too busy, we'll talk. Feel free to use this thread to make passive-aggressive comments if you're also so inclined, I ain't coming back. Regularly check my login time if you want, I mean it. There is nothing left for me here, I'm well and truly done. Anyway, look after yourselves, stay safe and good luck in everything you do. - Ted
  2. I'm back maybe

    Good cat, thank you for being a friend.
  3. More Attractive Woman Spam/Discussion

  4. Images that are candidates to be humorous

    All those obvious /tv/ comments, wow, haha
  5. General Video Game Chat Rising: Revengeance

    Don't get the previous gen version (PS3/360), I made that mistake and I returned it the day after I bought it. It's a disgusting port that should never have been released.
  6. Images that are candidates to be humorous

    I have Jing to thank for that. The fact that he went to school in Chicago like I am currently and took improv classes at the same organization I didhas only furthered my necessity to make an example out of him. Watch this - https://vimeo.com/116899716 And count how many times he does that content smile at the end of a sentence
  7. Oh my god no you aren't. Literally everyone knows he is going to die.
  8. I feel like I'm seriously missing something but wasn't it actually confirmed to be Adam Driver months ago? I never see anyone else talking about that so maybe I'm wrong, but I distinctly remember something about it. EDIT: Wait never mind I just got that AGSMA meant character-wise, not actor
  9. Images that are candidates to be humorous

    Haha, holy shit I didn't think anyone knew about Latza on here
  10. You're a.....a teacher?

    1. mrdavidatify
    2. AGSMA


      He said "My name's the teacher, that is what I call myself".

  11. General Video Game Chat Rising: Revengeance

    Haha, wow, a petition to CANCEL a game? Has that ever happened before? Obviously setting aside console/PC ports, has there ever actually been a game where people have actually tried to stop something being released?
  12. Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Thread

    "And here's another thing: when the boss arrives, if he punches you, knocks you out with a shotgun filled with pellets, throws you to the ground, anything - you stand up, you look that man in the eye and you thank him. Is that clear?" "Do....do we have to...?" "Hissing Wallaby, are you questioning Big Boss?" "It's just....I don't even want to be here, my kids are stationed back at HQ, I...am I wrong, guys? Do any of us want to be here?" [everyone sort of looks at their feet or around the room, one person coughs nervously]
  13. Songs you can't stop listening to

    Christ. The fact you're actually 200% mad over this whole Sam Smith thing is bizarre and I'm actually starting to lose respect at how often you throw tantrums when people don't agree with you. Not everyone likes him, get over it.
  14. Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Thread

    Holy shit, I ran out of room weeks ago Am I Am I extracting too many people
  15. Memories of Murder The Chaser Police Story Ip Man The Man From Nowhere Pan's Labyrinth Oldboy