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  1. Happy birthday, random person.

  2. Left 4 Dead. I don't know why but, 19.99 seems a bit too much for the game, unless the PC version has a lot more replay value then the 360 one, which I rented for about a few days.
  3. My ID is the same as my youchew name. I've been starting to use skype again so asdkflsadfjalskdfjldksfjdicks. Add me and stuff
  4. I might be getting a PS3 for my birthday this october, with that much time on hand, I should think of games to get with said PS3. I already have my eyes on: Little Big Planet, MAG, Modnation Racers, and a few others. Some suggestions would be nice.
  5. Alright, I'm going to try doing a YTPMV using sounds from the game, but be warned, this is like the first YTPMV I've decided to put effort into, so dont expect perfection. EDIT: I've decided not to do a YTPMV due to it being way too tedious for me, and just poop some gameplay vid instead
  6. I think I'll join using DooM, if classic FPS's count.
  7. So, upon entering the forums, I noticed this big notice on the top of the page talking about login issues, so I did what the page suggested and tried to reset my password, I was able to reset it but, it still says I'm validated, I resent this "validation email", and then it sends me an email about resetting my password again. So I tried doing it again, because I don't know what else I could do, and I still find myself under the Validating Rank. How do I fix this? EDIT: Disregard this, after posting I noticed I was back in the Members Rank, although I'm still curious as to what went wrong.
  8. Serious Sam the First Encounter If you can run HL2, you can run that, just not Serious Sam HD.
  9. So it's not just me... Oh well, I'll just let it stay on my hard drive so I can use it for Garry's Mod stuff.
  10. I wish I had bought Killing Floor when it was 75 percent off, knowing me and my shitty luck, I missed out on it.
  11. That reminds me of this match I watched two friends of mine play, they just spammed Fuerte's running move back and forward for the whole match, the sound of Fuerte going HEHEHEHEHEHEHHEHEHEHEHE really fast was quite humorous, especially when one of them used the Turbo feature on their arcade stick.
  12. Aside from my real glasses being rectangular, this is pretty much a good example of me:
  13. Pretty much the only thing that crossed my mind when I saw the topic. Boy, was I wrong..