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  1. Happy birthday, random person.

  2. Playstation Thread

    I might be getting a PS3 for my birthday this october, with that much time on hand, I should think of games to get with said PS3. I already have my eyes on: Little Big Planet, MAG, Modnation Racers, and a few others. Some suggestions would be nice.
  3. Commercials you LOVE

  4. Mega Man Thread

    I can do that but, Whenever the next fire wave comes, the one im standing on turns back to fire and I die. FANTASTIC.
  5. Mega Man Thread

    I still haven't beat the first Wily Stage on Megaman 9, just can't seem to get past those damn instant kill fire thingies or whatever in time.
  6. Mega Man Thread

    I just played the Mega Man 10 demo earlier this morning, it seems pretty good, but I'm not sure if its worth 800 MS points. If it goes on sale for something cheaper, I'll probably pick it up.
  7. Mega Man Thread

    Why is X5 considered sub-par, if I may ask?
  8. Mega Man Thread

    I'm thinking about trying one of the PS1 MMX's, as I've only played the 3 snes ones, which one should I try out?
  9. Insult collab

    I don't get it, could I have an example please?

    Can I sign up with this?
  11. Stupid YouTube Comments You Found

    Judging by the quality of certain updates Youtube has made, Such as the 3D Mode, and Beta Channels *Yeah, I said it*. I can promise you it would be highly inaccurate.
  12. Stupid YouTube Comments You Found

    I laughed.
  13. game over music thrad

    Alright, I pm'd you my Entry.