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General Television Discussion Thread

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Saw the latest episode of Star vs. the Forces of Evil this morning. The title, Just Friends, should suggest something, but this is one of those episodes where fans freak the fuck out when watching it.


It looks like Star won't be in a relationship with Marco after all, and you can tell how much it hurts her to let that happen. Star played matchmaker for Marco and Jackie, and now she's starting to regret it. Also, she fucking murdered that billboard at the end of the episode, lol.

I'm not completely sure where the writers are even going to take things from here, considering Jackie isn't very developed as a character. She and Marco don't seem to know each other all that well, either, so whether they really make the relationship work or find out it was just surface-level is anyone's guess at this point.

There's two more episodes next week to conclude Starbruary, and the titles of those two episodes in particular make it seem like it's going to be a rough one.

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