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Recommended Poops of March and April 2012

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Due to the lack of an article last month, I have allowed the writers to include poops from March as well.

supreme_slayer's Pick: "Now You'll See What a Very Flat Tire I Am" by JazzDanceForChildren

It was hard for me to decide whether or not this video or the previous video in the Tennis match was better, but in the end I feel that Jazz had added just enough variety and content with this video while still being able to keep a steady pace as is typical for his videos. While I have never seen the original Speed Racer myself, I can still watch this video and find humor in its source. The strange way the characters talk to keep within he mouth flaps, and the strange occurrences lend themselves to some funny material when cut and mixed together properly, such as in this video. The hilarious "misuse" of the already strange line "GIVE 'ER THE GAS!" takes the cake for me. The way it's portrayed almost makes it seem as if used in any context whatsoever it could get a laugh out of people. The strange sentence mixing part as well, despite being strangely worded, still gives a lot to the video in my opinion, and paired together with the showcasing of the strangest, most out-of-context scenes makes for an amazing video overall. I highly recommend for (those few, no doubt) who haven't seen Jazz's videos to do so now!

CreepahWeegie's Pick: "I chose yuo tub ppoop. next gen of shi(p)t. [ft. egg]" by Peskeh

This has been one of my absolute favorites for this month. Even hearing that Peskeh had a 6 minute YTP in the works, I had no idea what to expect, seeing as he has one of those really unique styles. He always tends to use a lot of layers, more than the average pooper and going around the numbers probably seen in a thatcomputerperson or Metzgorre video itself. I can honestly tell you, that I can watch this over and over, and still not be able to catch all of the sources in one go, and every effect he uses. He also has a way with audio effects, whether it's just pitch shifting around, or making a mini YTPMV segment in his videos, they never cease to amaze me. I still think my two favorite parts will have to be the very beginning and the ending with Cat In The Hat slowly zooming up and distorted speech and noises coming from behind him, which left me with a nervous/disturbed feeling, wondering what he was going to do next. Then, right when he gets close to the screen, the whole video is sent in rewind back to the beginning and then disappears. The effects and audio are really top-notch and when the video ends, it will always give you that "What did I watch" or "What just happened" feel as the video comes to an end. I highly recommend this to anyone who hasn't seen any of Peskeh's videos, for someone who likes YTP with really heavy effects, or people who like having their minds blown away by what's happening on the screen in front of them.

Combuskenisawesome's Pick: "EMINEM ATE ALL MY COOKING UTENSILS" by 1Superchops

At first glance, this video didn't strike me as anything special. It wasn't bad, in my book, but nothing special, and yet, I kept coming back to watch it. Already savvy enough to know that me coming back to rewatch a video means I see something really great about it, I took to looking at it under eyes of scrutiny each time, and yet, there's nothing I would call impressive. It contains some stutters, some sentence mixing, some reverses, a little YTPMV, and some effects but nothing on the levels you'd see from AGSMA, Geibuchan, or MasterOfZoroark. It's rather plain, but it mixes so well with the chaotic nature of the source that it really gives off the romanticized feeling of "Don't take this too seriously, it's just for fun." It is in its relative simplicity that makes me really like it. I find that this video distills what my mental image is when I think of YouTube Poop. The aura of this video is great, it's short, sweet (actually, not really sweet), and simple and I'm going to watch it again. This video is YouTube Poop, and this looks like a ASS.

Bematt's PIck: "Floating Cats" by AltSmk

Sometimes, the simple things in life are great. I also think that seems to attribute itself to videos such as this. My good friend SMK, esteemed creator of cp_smk_skyscraper and entrepreneur of Mario Kart brings us a classic tale. But really, this is one of those short and sweet videos that really gets me laughing. JonTron in his ground state is already a good source to use, and I think SMK has done justice with bringing his wacky humor to a whole new tier with some nice editing. It's nothing fancy, but I think it is just enough to be really enjoyable. He's very diverse in a sort of steady fashion that allows the video to sink in, and I think that's why I liked it so much at first glace. It has some good running gags that keep the video fresh. In all its simplicity, I think it is a video that is very easy to watch and watch again. Usually with videos like this, that is a good thing. With JonTron in all his loud glory, SMK brings his piece of the action with this video and makes it stick like BUBSY II, and even BUBSY III.

Crazy Luigi's Pick: "5v98ynvbyuibwyi7lbvkgryfb.,'otiuoghtu;g" by LinkOnDrugs (March)

A trait of a great YouTube Pooper is that he can not only adapt their editing styles, but also give us different reactions towards scenes that doesn't always have to give a comedic or annoyed effect. LinkOnDrugs' YouTube Poop of a long, nonsensical name gives us a timeless tale of a family wanting to get away from it all. However, not everything found is as it seems. The further down the spiral towards madness it went, the more fascinated I became. One moment, I would feel disturbed by the actions shown to me; and the next would very well result in a strange mixture of laughter and sadness. Combined with a few trick moments of terror and the mixing of erosion and masking that's found, and it results in a 4:35 poop (excluding the outro) that doesn't drag on. In fact, it will actually make you wonder why Courage the Cowardly Dog isn't used in Poops more often to begin with.

LightningLuigi's Pick: "yellow square pickle shorts" by LinkOnDrugs (April)

At one time, SpongeBob was once considered by many to be a criminally overused source, but if there's one pooper who best shows that the show still has class in the field of YTP, I'd say it was LinkOnDrugs. This particular video has a bit of a story line approach, detailing SpongeBob's fall from a happy-go-lucky fry cook to a psychopathic murderer (perhaps a parody of creepy pastas), but the video is filled with many other random bits (not to mention the story in itself is hilariously ridiculous), I think you'll find yourself fully entertained throughout. This poop has just about everything I love about YTP rolled into one: sentence mixing, masking jokes, and an overall sense of hilarious stupidity. Hats off to LInkOnDrugs, and keep up the good shit.

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Good list.

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