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"The night was serene and welcoming. Rural Maine is spooky, but in a way I find to be almost seductive rather than outright scary. There were dilapidated farm houses, thick woods, endless marshes. We could smell the ocean on our right, but only barely see it, which added to the mystery.


The full moon helped light the way. We encountered almost no cars along this stretch, but we did encounter a bicycle policeman around York Beach, at what must have been 3 in the morning. I believe he asked about a lost boy or maybe a suspect in some misdemeanor. I wish I'd taken a picture of him, because now I am wondering whether I imagined this. Around 3 in the morning was also when I got quite sleepy and came close to hallucinating. A couple of times I thought Brian and Somervillian were talking to me, when they weren't. The road ahead got blurry. I saw things from the corner of my eye that weren't there. It was as if I was starting to dream while still awake and pedaling."


It's like a classic creepypasta, only real. I love it.

For staying strike free for 5 years. For completing a Secret Santa Art exchange prior to 2015 For clearing Super Mario Bros., Super Mario World, and Super Mario 64 during our community challenge event. Chewbot gives congrats for having 40 5-star ratings on your videos For clearing Sonic Adventure 2 during the community challenge event. January 2015 - "CDI '06" (YTPMV) For participating in Chew-or-Treat 2014! Chewbot gives congrats for uploading 25 videos Chewbot gives congrats for not getting any warnings for over 3 years With an iron fist Press start to begin For participating in the 2013 Spooky Poop Halloween contest Thanks for the donation For your piece on Kraven Manor, all I can say is good job. Chewbot gives congrats for being strike free for over 1 year June 2012 - Overall, Brain rape/Rape-core Chewbot gives congrats for uploading 5 videos

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