The Mountie From Hell

Songs that sound an awful lot like one another

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randomly digging more SP demos/rarities and i FIND THIS HAHAHAHA

For being a part of the Recommended YouTube Poops article for December 2015 & January 2016.

and June 2017

and November 2017 For getting 20 awards For submitting 200 videos to the showroom User With Most Aesthetically Pleasing Signatures 2016 For staying strike free for 3 years. For the Datamosh Collab II! Good job! Participated in the 2015 YouTube Poop Secret Santa Chewbot gives congrats for having 40 5-star ratings on your videos Chewbot gives congrats for reaching this poop milestone For participating in Chew-or-Treat 2014! For completing 5 multi-way matches ! ! ! ! ! 25 (29) APPARENTLY WOAOAAOG Chewbot gives congrats for uploading 102 videos Chewbot gives congrats for uploading 92 videos July 2014 - "Cory is a godless sodomite" (Overall, Brain rape/Rape-core) Best Tenniser 2014
Best Tenniser 2015
Best YouTube Pooper 2016
Best Musician 2016
Best Artist 2016 Chewbot gives congrats for not getting any warnings for over 1 year January 2014 - YTPMV Chewbot gives congrats for uploading 25 videos You Have Completed (at least) TEN TENnis matches. next time won't you  FIVE Chewbot gives congrats for uploading 6 videos

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