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Aside from elDLIVE, which other winter 2017 anime are you guys watching? For me, its Hand Shakers (as I mentioned before) and SpiritpactHand Shakers is weird but good and Spiritpact is actually pretty good (although Keika states the obvious sometimes).

I'm also probably going to throw in Akiba's Trip The Animation as a "Currently Watching" at some point. I'm keeping track of six anime at the moment: the two series I mentioned before and i'm also getting through Cowboy BebopCharlotteHetalia and Sword Art Online season 1 (Hetalia is probably the biggest disappointment i've ever experienced though)

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I tried the first episode of Akiba's Trip, it didn't really do it for me. Besides the two shows I was anticipating (Konosuba and Little Witch Academia) I'm watching Gabriel Dropout, Kobayashi's Dragon Maid, Masamune-kun's Revenge and Seiren. Definitely a lot of girly anime and romcoms, I always enjoy the first few weeks of a new season where I sample a ton of stuff and end up dropping most of it partway. And okay fine I'm gonna keep up with Hand Shakers too, just for that beautiful animation, and Koyori. These weird-ass original shows always crack me up. Kobayashi's Dragon Maid surprised me, I didn't know it was a KyoAni show before going in, I saw some webms of it and thought the animation was cool, it's good, definitely the best show they've made in the last five damn years. 

Speaking of KyoAni, did anyone watch season 2 of Sound Euphonium? Does Reina fuck Taki-sensei? Like on screen? That is all I care about, Kumiko and everyone else can fuck off.

13 hours ago, Whelt said:

I'm a few episodes into Luluco. I can't say I love it, but I don't hate it. I get similar feelings that I had from Kill la Kill, mostly a resounding "ehh..." I think I'll manage to get through it because it's so short. Luluco is cute, I'll give them that. I also like that the Space Patrol chief is literally just Inferno Cop.

Guess I'm not a big Imaishi fan. I genuinely liked Gurren Lagann, though that was a show that took itself at least somewhat seriously, and I liked Panty and Stocking mostly for the novelty of it being so obscene, I think.

Eheheh it's funny you mention Inferno Cop, for no particular reason hehe. Luluco was really a love letter to Trigger fans, there's a lot of references to their other works.


Luluco and Nova have a cameo in the last episode of Kiznaiver which aired the same season and the day after Luluco, so it's implied they found each other again in that universe.


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Oh, I meant to bring this up on my previous post about elDLIVE, but I was way too afraid to even ask (plus my other post was getting a bit long about gushing), so here goes.

Does elDLIVE have a yaoi shipping fanbase full of girls similar to Akira Amano's other work Reborn? The manga has been running since 2013 (albeit at a slower pace than the weekly schedule of Reborn, plus the manga is in full color), so it had some time to flourish a bit. The thought of an unintended yaoi fanbase for elDLIVE on a similar level to Reborn's kind of scares me a bit. With Reborn, I witnessed some of the most utterly nonsensical rationalizations for why X character is "omg so TOTALLY in love with Tsuna-kun or Gokudera-sama kawaii desu anime beyblades seme uke senpai notice me something", including literally "these two boys made eye contact for one panel/a single frame and maybe said "hi" once, so it's perfectly clear that they MUST have romantic feelings for each other!!1!". In other words, it's Shipping Goggles in full effect. At this point they think that Reborn is a full-on BL manga aimed at girls, rather than a shonen-aimed non-BL one.

I ask because I'm afraid that fangirls would ship elDLIVE's Chuuta Kokonose with one of the other male characters for literally no rational or sensible reason. Doesn't help that Chuuta is a loser, just like Tsuna (though Chuuta is a loser for completely different reasons than Tsuna's, because Tsuna doesn't have an alien only he can hear living inside of him affecting his childhood and middle school life), and fangirls are attracted to losers and want to ship them for some reason (they even want to ship the Matsuno brothers from Osomatsu-San with each other, despite being established as NEET losers who have a hard time getting a job, don't get along with each other, and Totoko's not even interested in them).

In fact, I'm so afraid that fangirls, for some convoluted reason, will ship Chuuta with one of those ugly monstrous alien criminals that he tries to arrest, especially the fatty one in the first episode, or the crab-like one in the second, and they'll all think it's "kawaii desu". The thought just gives me the shudders.

(Like anyone knows what I'm even talking about since I don't see much Reborn or elDLIVE fans in this forum anyway)

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