What are you listening to?: Nummer Zwei

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Did I mention that I absolutely adore lounge music?

Pleeeease, your omnipotence... have mercy! For Grounder's sake HE MENTIONED IT! User with Coolest Signatures 2017

User with Most Aesthetically Pleasing Signatures 2017 Best Writer 2017 That's how I beat Shaq! ... Wait EYELASHES! For receiving candy during the Valentine's Day event! Lucario For completing The Legend of Zelda during the community challenge. For collecting all the cards For getting 20 awards For collecting all the gold cards For completing the original Legend of Zelda during the community challenge. For collecting all the silver cards For collecting all the bronze cards Participated in the YouChew Easter Basket event For staying strike free for 3 years. Participated in the 2015 YouChew Secret Santa Art Exchange  For participating in the 2015 Ghostly Art Contest! Testing the IPS 4.0 Update Hey, g-give me a boost Mario. Best Writer 2015
Best Writer 2016 You want it?'s yours, my friend! Bringing on joestrange8 Share a Coke with YouChew For writing 10330 words worth in blog entries. For having a blog entry featured. Chewbot gives congrats for not getting any warnings for over 1 year Chewbot gives congrats for uploading 25 videos Chewbot gives congrats for uploading 6 videos

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