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The entire Witcher franchise is on sale right now including massive discounts on the first two games and 50% off on The Witcher 3. I now have no excuse not to buy these.


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The Pope

I literally just got the Witcher 3 DLC last sale, so I'm good to go baybee.

Apparently there's a bundle with all three games, except 3 isn't GotY in the bundle so I have no clue what the fuck they're thinking.

If you haven't played any of them, I'm actually running through all three at the moment. I can't speak for 3 (I hear it's a mastapeece), but 1 is excessively mediocre; like, it's not awful, but it's pretty bad. 2 is decent; not amazing, but not shabby. If you feel you absolutely must play them and you have time to burn, then there's worse ways to spend your time, just don't expect much.

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