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It just doesn't get old.

For staying strike free for 5 years. For getting 20 awards For leaving something out for the Grinch and Robotnikclaus Super Metroid complete You've GOT to be kidding Best Writer 2017 Millhouse, I'm so sorry! It sounds like you want ME more than you want this award. Season 2 For collecting all the silver cards For meeting Dark Fox! For completing The Wind Waker with all heart pieces during the community challenge. For completing Ocarina of Time during the community challenge. For having a blog featured For collecting all the bronze cards Best Writer 2016 For staying strike free for 3 years. Participated in the 2015 YouChew Secret Santa Art Exchange For releasing an article about the journey of entering the Navy. Congratulations! Chewbot gives congrats for not getting any warnings for over 1 year

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