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Post some wallpapers you got. I love to have tons of them. I'll post a few to get started.




Submitting 100 videos to the Video System It's got you written all over it! Top 10 Videos of Dec 2016 For having a video featured in Recommended Poops of March 2015! Best Newcomer 2016 For staying strike free for 1 year. Participated in the 2015 YouTube Poop Secret Santa For getting in the Blue Tier donation group For getting all the standard ornaments Submitting 50 videos to the Video System Hefty outrunning of non-atheletes is already an achievement.  For participating in the 2015 Ghostly Art Contest! For having a blog featured Chewbot gives congrats for uploading 25 videos For writing 10089 words worth in blog entries. Chewbot gives congrats for uploading 5 videos

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