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3 hours ago, LordSmeargle said:


Why is this comic in backwards order?

For leaving something out for the Grinch and Robotnikclaus For getting all the standard ornaments For staying warn free for 9 years Wads of dosh For collecting all the cards For collecting all the gold cards For getting 20 awards For collecting all the silver cards For collecting all the bronze cards Participating in the Halloween costume event for 5 years For getting in the Blue Tier donation group For staying strike free for 7 years. User with Funniest Signatures 2015 app has become Little "mmm" Richard For participating in Chew-or-Treat 2014! Member with Funniest Posts 2014, User with Funniest Avatars 2015, Member with Funniest Posts 2015, Member with Funniest Posts 2016, Member with Funniest Posts 2017 Chewbot gives congrats for exceeding 1,000,000 chewbucks Chewbot gives congrats for not getting any warnings for over 5 years 2013 Remained strike-free for 3 years.

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