The 2017 National Pooping Bee!

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Welcome to the 2017 National Pooping Bee!

This collab will be made from the 2017 National Spelling Bee finals. The finals consists of OVER 5 HOURS of material! I understand that is a lot to sift through. So what I will be doing is going through it all myself and picking some interesting things that happen. Feel free to use any of the material through all 7 parts. 

1) You can add in whatever you want as long as the main source is the 2017 finals

2) Entries should be at least 1 minute long but must not go over 5 minutes

3)  Add your own watermark

4) Quality should be no less than 480p

5) Upload the video to youtube and post in on this thread

6) To signup just post in this thread saying you are joining



Deadline to sign up: September 11th

Deadline for video submission: September 25th

Once I see how many submissions there are I can judge when the final video will be produced.


Things to keep in mind:

1) I would prefer things to happen chronologically to the source. You do not have to start your video with the first speller and end with the winner but I am trying to have the poop have a good flow from start to finish. 

2) Focus on the spelling parts. There are bits in between where they will show clips of them interviewing their families at their house and stuff like that. I have no problem if you use these parts, however I will most likely only be picking one really good to use for one of those segments.  

3)  This stuff contains so much awkwardness. Look for awkward audience members, awkward high-5s after they spell a word, weird words. 

4) After your video is submitted I will like your post to let you know it has been accepted.

5) "Howdy"


1:30 starts the spelling
2:13 "No!"
3:30 "Correct!"
4:30 funny sounding name
6:55 awkward clapping
8:44 not knowing how to say the word
9:50 Cheater
13:10 awkward interview
15:10 awkward kid
16:15 he loses 
17:39 "I P" and he loses
19:55 awkward kid & funny word definition 
21:30 kid gets startled
22:33 host makes a joke
24:00 he loses "nope"
28:00 "im nervous" & weird word
31:10 funny word & awkward "no"
33:08 almost gets counted out
36:05 eye contact with the camera
38:01 gets the word wrong


Part 2 Highlights: TBD


Part 3 Hightlights: TBD


Part 4 Highlights: TBD


Part 5 Highlights: TBD


Part 6 Highlights: TBD

Part 7 Highlights: TBD


For being on the Vanilla forums for 194 days before it was shut down

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Well i am going to consider this a failure. Maybe another time. 

For being on the Vanilla forums for 194 days before it was shut down

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