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The Computer Chronicles

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Last summer I came across The Computer Chronicles. Created and hosted by Stewart Cheifet and co-hosted by the late Gary Kildall, CEO of DRI; Cheifet was an amateur microcomputer enthusiast who basically wanted to take the idea of the isolated homebrew computer clubs that ran in the same vein as THE Homebrew Computer Club and bring it to the public. The Computer Chronicles was instrumental in helping consumers understand PC hardware and software in layman's terms. Cheifet might be considered one of the most hated people in television during his time because of his supposed rudeness towards his guests, tending to cut them off. In reality, Cheifet was attempting to discourage marketing speak and buzzwords that meant nothing to consumers and in fact was attempting to force his guests to cut the bullshit, and show their product for what it was. On top of that, Cheifet was the station manager during TCC's early production years, ergo he was more aware of time constraints and trying to keep his guests on time.

I had actually watched this particular episode today, not realizing until today it was the first ever produced. I've been recently reading Hackers: Heroes of the Computer Revolution and I feel comfortable saying that this episode is even less than what might be considered an abbreviation of minicomputers and microcomputers. Decades late for IBM mainframes and DEC minis, and at best five years too late to fully chronicle the microcomputer revolution led by the Altair 8800, TRS-80 and Apple ii, but pretty much just in time for the IBM PC XT, and the rise of PC-DOS/MS-DOS and IBM PC compatibles.

I literally have no idea who might be interested in this kind of stuff apart from me and probably @Yoshit, but this is a very fun retro kick to look back on when the days of Pentium's and Voodoo graphic accelerators were top shit, and Windows 95 was literally treated like the second coming.

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