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Crazy Luigi

Recommended YouTube Poops of July & August 2017

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Crazy Luigi

You know what? I'm currently tired as I write this part down. Tired with many different things, really. Tired of sickness. Tired of the hassle of moving. Tired of delays here. Hell, some days, I admit I kind of feel like tired of life in general! A bit too far? Yeah, I can freely admit that, but honestly, after having many delays of this kind of thing for so long, how can you blame me for thinking this kind of thing out loud here? I know nothing that I can say up above here won't change much of anything in terms of perceptions with this kind of thing. After all, what's the point of a delay as long as these things come out in time (relatively speaking)? It's not like nothing really changes much if it's late by a month or not! Again, I'm sorry for this diatribe at hand, but I've been dealing with quite a lot of stressful issues during these past two months here (and considering the recent fire out in Oregon, I'm clearly not the only one here who feels that way). Hopefully you enjoy these videos as a means of making up for my outburst here.

Crazy Luigi's Pick: "(YTP) The A-Nerd" by Facepalm Studios (July)

You know, sometimes you just have to take a look at something more simplistic to help clear your mind through any problems or distractions within your life. Seriously, between the fact that I was hurting like a motherfucker throughout July (and August, especially with a coughing fit that wouldn't go away, no matter what I tried to do), spending some time out on vacation to Buffalo (which honestly is a nice, quaint place to live in if you want a more simple life in mind), and the fact I'm going to be moving real soon, I just had no real time to search for a video that would actually wow me! Just as well, considering some of the videos I witnessed during the month of July were videos I didn't find all that great, believe it or not. Any of the other videos that were mentioned down below I didn't even know existed until it was too late! Still, even if I didn't have those problems in mind, I still think this video managed to hit the right points for me to where I could name it the best video for July 2017 (at least in terms of what I saw that month).

After the introduction to the video maker in question, we get the very old-school introduction of the Angry Nintendo Nerd (before he became the more well-known Angry Video Game Nerd) before whoever this Facepalm Studios guy is kicked it up with a clever transition into Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit, while also retaining the vocal portions for Kyle Justin's original song in question. At the same time the transition came up, we also get some very nice effects thrown in to help further enhance the feel the mash-up between Kyle Justin's theme song for the Angry Video Game Nerd and Nirvana's most popular song for the viewer before getting back to the more simpler, yet effective vibe that The A-Nerd provides us with. In this video, it starts picking up on the humorous material, some of which kind of subverts typical expectations in some ways, such as how a sped up version of James Rolfe kind of sounded like Pruane2Forever back when he was younger himself. A personal favorite joke here revolves around the Ass Nerd "jacking off" to hentai, but gets stopped by YouTube's rules on sexual content. Maybe it's just the older part of me speaking here, and maybe the joke could be seen as predictable to some degree, but honestly, at a point where this coughing fit I had throughout the vast majority of the month felt like it was getting severe at points, it felt like it was a bit of relief for me where I needed it. Combine all those jokes with a trippy ending with Journey's Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) lasting for what feels like the right amount of time, and you can understand why I chose this as my personal favorite for July.

TheOneManBoxOffice's Pick: "Ripto Goes to In-N-Out" by ReakMayhem (July)

As someone who has just recently one-hundred-percented the entire original Spyro the Dragon trilogy on the gray bagel toaster that is the original PlayStation, when I saw this pop up on my YouTube feed from our residential PlayStation fanboy, ReakMayhem (ReakYTP on YouTube), I figured that this was my real reward instead of seeing the true endings of the original and Year of the Dragon (3) and what was really a rather small minigame collection with an unlockable permanent superflame powerup in Ripto's Rage/Gateway to Glimmer (2). "Ripto Goes to In-N-Out" is a YouTube Poop that primarily uses cutscenes from the aforementioned well as also uses a cutscene from the worst game in the Spyro series, Enter the Dragonfly at the very end. What my thoughts are on that travesty is a rant for another day, but I digress. The whole video is a tale about Ripto, who vows to destroy the planet Uranus and in turn, turn the kingdom of Avalar into one big In-N-Out restaurant so that he can turn into the world's fattest piece of shit since that one Russian guy on YouTube who thinks a GameCube disc is a donut.

ReakMayhem has really outdone himself with this one, editing-wise, with one of the funniest uses of green-screening I've seen in a YouTube Poop, fast-paced editing, and gut-bustingly hilarious sentence mixing, proving that the cutscenes in the Spyro trilogy, let alone any cutscene from a video game, actually makes for good source material for videos like this. Definitely check this guy out if you are into this sort of thing.

Dieathan's Pick: "[YTP] Mick and Snorty's Unproductive Escapade" by LiquidInkling (July)

With Rick and Morty's third season being well under way, LiquidInkling's timing couldn't be any better as he's provided us with a very solid Rick and Morty YouTube Poop this past July. It borrows clips mainly from the first two seasons of the show, but through reversing, slowdowns, stuttering, and the occasional YouTube Poop Music Video, the real star of this video would be the way he incorporates a variety of visual gags and sentence-mixing techniques into the mix. They capture the original spirit of the show itself, but they remix it in a way that you would only expect from a YouTube Poop. This includes Rick and Morty watching and commenting on the scene where Morty is left wailing in agony over his broken legs, and even goes as far as to impose Mario's head from Mario Teaches Typing 2 over the Starburns Industries logo that's shown after the credits of an episode of the show, complete with Mario being sentence-mixed to say "It's-a good show" to top it off. The pacing can be a bit slow at times, especially with the aforementioned commentary scene, but I feel like the payoff is quite often worth the wait if you're patient enough, and it really highlights the "unproductive" part of this escapade to great effect, making it a relatively minor grievance in my eyes. It's great to see the ridiculous duo back in action for it's third outing, and what better way to celebrate than with Mick and Snorty's Unproductive Escapade.

Crazy Luigi's Pick: "Rick Morticus" by GSgiraffes (August)

In case you don't know this by now, I usually look to find videos where they do things I haven't seen beforehand. Not always, as you could clearly tell from my previous entry up above, but it's more often than not that I like finding those kinds of videos above all else. If I'm being honest here, the reason why those videos in particular seem to stand out for me is because of the general uniqueness that the particular YouTube Pooper does with certain source material that leads to a pleasing experience that I don't normally encounter online otherwise. The effects in certain videos sometimes do make or break whatever video I'm watching, especially if the comedy isn't the primary focus in mind for the creator at hand. For me, in the month of August, no other content creator proved that point any better than what GSgiraffes did for his video on a normally comedic show in Rick & Morty.

This YouTube Poop is more like one of those videos where you'd let the music take over and have it affect how you want to control certain things within the video in question. In this case, it seems like GSgiraffes took a page directly out of Adult Swim's book (at least in terms of their short music videos dictating the feel of the visuals inside them) and made his own unique spin on things. Kind of ironic, considering the (other) main focus is on the show Rick & Morty, which is another Adult Swim program. Anyways, when it comes to how he wanted to have his video look, it reminds me a bit of our more digital TV era (and sometimes Internet era also), where the video on certain portions glitches out to have those square pixel-looking specs looking like they're screwing up the quality of a show or something to that effect in a rather noticeable way. Normally, having such a thing happen accidentally can provide a rather negative experience for the viewer, even if it's only for a brief moment or so. However, GSgiraffes sought out to use this glitch effect on purpose, and he strangely made the video work better for it in the process.

The way the glitch effect that was used from the very start all the way until the end of the video definitely adds to the surrealism shown with Rick & Morty in episodes like Mortynight Run & Get Schwifty. In fact, you could tell from the first 20 or so seconds alone that the way GSgiraffes did those effects to transition from Morty being transported into quite a trip from what was originally the Goodbye Moonmen song to the visual gags with giant asses and aliens turning into living asses or Rick's eyes turning into boobs. All of this sounds like it could be quite a garish trip in its own right alone, but having it be accompanied by a song from Tajima Hal called Grape Choice helped make the trip seem rather appealing in its own weird way. Admittedly, I've never heard of Tajima Hal before this video showed up, but if this person (or group?) has more songs like this inside the catalog, then I might give this artist more of a listen moving forward, because in terms of soothing experiences, it helped make this one kick tons of ass! I could go into greater detail with this one, but honestly, it really is a video where you need to watch it for yourself to give proper justice to the creator at hand. Seriously, he deserves it more than anyone else this year for this video!

TheOneManBoxOffice's Pick: "Cooking with LaVie CestLol" by Biodegradable (August)

Now for August, I want to give another nod to my good friend and Writing Staff colleague Biodegradable, who made one of the funniest YouTube Poops I've seen this month, which happens to star another fellow YouChewer and Café Staff member, Lavie CestLol. Based on this crazy video from another channel of his, Bio has practically made it even crazier, complete with the sentence-mixing of the French language to make bizarrely random phrases in English (i.e "Don't pee on the piano"). Like some of Bio's earlier work, the video is fast with its editing and visual effects, only compared to those videos, this might actually be the fastest one he's ever done, and that is something that should be commended. The way he also uses LaVie's constant yelling to his advantage is also practically genius. I would say that this is what happens when you squeeze a YouTube that's about, let's say, three minutes, into at least one minute, and it still works without losing anything vital. Like the video itself, I'm gonna keep this one short, and say that this is my #1 pick for August, and even though YouTube Poops don't normally have any lesson to convey to the viewer whatsoever (if at all), there is one here: Keep LaVie out of the kitchen unless you want your house/apartment complex to be the next ground zero over some European cuisine.

Dieathan's Pick: "[YTP] (50 Subscriber Special) Gembol faces off against a 5th dimensional being" by BandanaBoi (August)

Over the past month or two, I came across a relatively new YouTube Pooper on the scene going by the name BandanaBoi. To my knowledge, he's only be making videos for a few months now, but even so, he's already put out some very impressive work; his 50 subscriber special, Gembol faces off against a 5th dimensional being, is arguably is best work yet. Here we have a YouTube Poop of The Amazing World of Gumball, a source which was already quite surreal in its own way, but if there's anything that can be considered amazing about this video, it would have to be the effects that are used throughout it. Despite being largely reliant on slamming the video heavily with erosion, it accomplishes this in a plethora of different ways, some of which I haven't seen before in any YouTube Poop like it. It keeps this up with a speedy pace, throwing in a number of instances of pitch-shifting and ear-rape alongside all the distortions, and weaves stuttering, scrambling, reversing, and a few good jokes in-between. There are also a couple moments of ambiance that help to break up all the intense moments that the video is composed of, and I find it very welcome if only to give me a brief reprieve to gather my thoughts and mentally prepare myself for what else this YouTube Poop has in store, painting quite an abstract picture overall. I enjoy seeing some new blood come into this community, and BandanaBoi is someone who I feel has the potential to breathe some new life into YouTube Poop if Gembol faces off against a 5th dimensional being is any sign of things to come from him, to which I say I eagerly await his next major work.

Biodegradable's Pick: "YouTube poop Bitch - A Bitch productions Feature Film" by Mapo [August]

Always experimenting, always blasting your ears and always pushing the boundaries of video editing intensity, Mapo outdoes himself with this stellar offering of extreme, yet nuanced brain raping with this YouTube Poop. A perfect hybrid of old-school techniques and modern plugin effects, Mapo takes you on a journey of insanity that doesn't remember asking you a goddamn thing as it pops the top of your skull off and douses your brain with a cocktail of fast-paced lunacy structured by micro-speed up/slow downs, rhythmic, pitch-shifted repeats, tiny YouTube Poop Music Video segments and plenty of ear rape to make sure you're paying attention. While the destructive, brain rape style of YouTube Pooping hasn't always been that appealing to me, Mapo has always been an exception. His work never feels like basic effects-spam to me. I always feel a sense of thought going on behind the things he exaggerates and juxtaposes with his effects, the specific things he chooses to blow out your speakers and so on. Even if he's not entirely conscious of the way he does things, there's always been a feeling of a genuine approach to his work as far as I'm concerned. It has been interesting to watch Mapo grow and change his work over the past year and it just leaves me asking for more. If you too have previously not been all too fussed about high-octane, destructive brain rape school of YouTube Pooping, I highly recommend you go into his videos with an open mind because he may surprise you. Mapo provides the kind of warped, fast-paced zaniness for people that love watching YouTube Poops that make them say, "I have no idea what's going on and I fucking love it!"

Well, that does it for the Recommended YouTube Poops for July and August 2017! Hopefully by the time October's ready for action, we have more of a consistency here instead of the inconsistency that's been had lately. In the meantime, expect an anime series to be covered by our very own movie expert, TheOneManBoxOffice. Not to mention a piece involving the status of YouTube Poops (or YouTube itself) from thebluespectre and a couple of video game reviews at hand here. Remember to stay tuned until then!

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Sagan Blob

Woah! I didn't expect such an achievement! (I'm Facepalm Studios BTW). Thanks everyone!

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Woah! Thanks for the shout out! I'm shaking in excitement!

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Holy merry mother of Double Doubles...

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Congrats to everyone chosen for these past two months. These are very good videos btw.

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LaVie CestLol


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I really didn't expect to get on this list! Thanks alot.

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