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Pacboy Poops

So, this is going to be my second collab hosted, and this time it will be open and not a closed-private collab (unlike my first collab). 

I'm very hyped for the newest Kingsman movie (Kingsman: The Golden Circle). For those who don't know, its basically a British Gentleman Spy Movie sort of thing, parody of James Bond. Ah I'm terrible at explaining things, so heres a link:

The first movie (Secret Service) was great and all, but I'm expecting this one to be even better then the first. There's a major plot twist, the Kingsman teams up with the Statesman, and somehow Galahad survives (obviously raising questions as to how he survived), what more could you want from a James Bond like spy movie?

Anyways, enough about me talking and stuff, here I go. The Rules:

1. You can use sources from both movies (trailers, snippets, clips, and even pictures if you're willing to do so). Only thing is that the second movie isn't released yet, so what I would do is use all the many different trailers available for Kingsman 2 as the source. 

2. You can basically use any video editor you want, but if it has a watermark of the editors name right in the middle of the video, I might have to crop it out and leave your entry with a small portion and you know, that won't look good at all. Also please watermark your entry. If you don't, I will do it for you (but it will be a plain boring text and you wouldn't want that, so just make sure to do this). 

3. Time limit can be anywhere from 0:50 -2:00. (If it's longer then I may or may not accept it, depending on how many people are joining).

4. Everyone's entry will be invited and accepted. (How is this even a rule lol)

5. (Use as many gags as you need to increase the comedic and, well, you know what, but dont make it too much, since the main focus is Kingsman) 

6. Have fun and enjoy! Deadline will be September 21-22 (I say this because in the U.S. its the 22nd, but in other countries its a day before). I will release the collab a week after (might still take some submissions after the 22nd though, since I shouldv'e thought of this idea sooner, but yea whateves). 

(Also forgot to make a video for this, please excuse me as I was in a rush of making this post).


-Me (Host)


-Sharx Shakudo

-Stew (a.k.a. Papa Moseby)

-mo05hy (maybe)

-Keik Arkinshock (maybe)

-Chris6d Productions, Mikey_Deuce, Stew, Dancerguy2018 (Cameos)


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