The 3rd Glitchy Objects Collab Previously hosted by Ian O'Keefe, The 3rd Glitchy Objects Collab is a collab where you edit videos of inanimate objects. Now under a new host! You can join the Discord server here if you want to: Rules: Do not ask me if you can join. This is OPEN SIGN UPS! Of course you can join! No need to ask just say that you are! Show some confidence! The length of your entry should be between 30 seconds and 1:30. I'm not too strict on this if you go a little under or above the limit. Your source should should be a video about an inanimate object(s). There should be little to no dialogue. The main focus is the object(s) in the video. [NOTE: It is no longer required that the source has to be a video of an object being destroyed where the previous host did make that a rule. You can still use a source of an object being destroyed if you want to though.] It is highly recommended that you make your entry in a glitchy or fast paced style. If it isn't then it wouldn't be accepted hence the collab is called "The Glitchy Objects Collab." If you already made an entry for the previous host, then you already have an entry submitted for this collab. If you don't want to be a part of this collab anymore, let me know. If you want to remake your entry, feel free to do so. If you signed up while Ian was hosting this and you haven't made your entry, you're not automatically signed up while I'm hosting this and you'll have to sign up again if you're still interested in this. Watermarks are not required but encouraged. The collab will be rendered in 720p60fps. You DON'T have to make your entry 60fps but it's a plus. If your entry is bad, it won't be accepted. Make your entries good. If you did find your entry being rejected, you can remake your entry as many times as you need. You can make up to 2 entries for this collab. I highly encourage you to avoid using HowToBasic as your source. It's not required for you to avoid it but I don't want this collab to be a "HowToBasic Collab." If it does get to the point where the collab is mostly HTB, I will have to cut out most entries that use this source in order to balance things out. You can send me your entry by either the comment section on the annoucnement video, this thread on YouChew, DM on YouChew, the Discord Server, or DM on Discord. You can have your entry unlisted or public on YouTube. You can also have it on a file sharing website as well if that's your thing. Deadline: March 9, 2018 Participants (Standard Text = Joining, Yellow Text = Maybe, Green Text = Accepted, Red Text = Rejected, Slashed Out Text = Dropped Out): mapo (host) totempolejoe BoomDaCorgi1337 Sixtyforce YTP TheYTPkid859 ThirtyTwelve JadeLightningDash Biodegradable CheesedogMaximum760 cicicity xexelve Kad Master Sword Landonator AshCrimsonForever TheCaledioScope lonrefne Q-Rad Zackzilla The Titan EkremTheFanboy Tsocheff Neon Dylan OSL Σ nonojuju37 ChaseChase