The Beep Block Skyway YTPMV Collab (Open!)

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oh boy, my first collab! watch as i mess everything up


1. Any source is allowed.

2. A collab participant can claim up to 2 (two) slots.

3. Remember to watermark your entries! If you forget it, I'll add it in for you.

4. Entries must be submitted with no BGM.

5. You can use any video editor that you're comfortable with (Vegas Pro, Adobe Premiere, etc), but the end result must be exported as a .mp4 file.

6. Please send your entries to me either through Discord (Boltames#5719), or a YouChew message. Discord is the preferred method, but you can always DM me if you need to.

7. As far as uploading entires onto YouTube is concerned, I'd prefer if you keep them private until the full collab comes out. You're free to do what you want, though.

8. Have fun!


Entries are due... whenever I get enough people.


For staying strike free for 1 year.

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