So the first Squidward Collab did pretty well (second most viewed video on my channel) and after three years I feel like it's time for round 2; The Breezening. Examples of the fad and the first collab:  RULES/GUIDELINES (updated from 2015) 1. The maximum amount of videos allowed are 3 because these are short videos.
2. Use pictures/gifs, no video clips.
3. Any picture/gif is allowed as long as it's not NSFW.
4. This rule caused some controversy last time. You can make jokes in your entry/entries, HOWEVER, if they're a hinderance to the overall point of the fad in the video, then I'll ask you to redo your entry. An example of this being done right is in theadventuretimefan's entry in the last collab. 
5. You can make modifcations to the audio (audio effects) if you want as long as the original tune is still recognizable.
6. Deadline is March 5th, 2018, so a month from now.
7. Send me your entry anyway you want, (YouTube, file sharing website, etc.) Just make sure your entry's quality doesn't look like diarrhea. Your entry should be 720p or above. Original song: Have fun!

Participants: -Nitroausome (DONE)
-Palette (DONE)
-NationOfOranges696 (DONE)
-BimbelyGimbly (DONE)
-PancakeLord117 (DONE 2/2)
-TehShadzify (DONE)
-Zackzilla (DONE)
-Chris M
-szjdfgs (DONE)
-PoopTV (DONE 2/2)
-CrimsonZockt (DONE)
-Ian O'Keefe (DONE)
-Milk Gaming Channel (DONE)
-SuccyLord (DONE)
-Coralhorse10 (Maybe)
-T Videshow (DONE)
-Littlekate theLitten (DONE)
-GameBreaker64 (DONE)
-The Titan (DONE)
-VentXekart (DONE 2/2)
-ThePixarlampDude (DONE 2/2)
-mrdoognoog (DONE)
-acm240 (DONE)
-GSgiraffes (DONE)
-Matt0417 (DONE)
-CamHead (DONE 3/3)
-SpongeCrumb Alert is Back! (DONE 3/3)
-Moar Mosspato Productions
-Mama Luigi (DONE 3/3)
-Citizen HAL (DONE)
-TheZapster (DONE)
-BrandonWasHere (Maybe)
-Yushe (DONE)
-BandanaBoi (DONE)
-BoyThunder Productions (DONE)
-Waltman13 (DONE)
-superkeegan9100 (DONE)
-Gran Flakes (DONE)
-Liam Taheny (DONE)
-Dhahir Tamam
-Just A Chocolate Bar
-NitroEdits (DONE)
-TVBForever (DONE)
-Extrenor (DONE)
-Ederbugs (DONE)
-EditsOfGreatBritain (DONE)
-Luke Mixon
-Elephant Trickle (DONE)
-West Siiieeed
-FragglevisionReturns (DONE)
-Paperboy1587 (DONE)
-MrObixousPineapples (DONE)
-EkremTheFanboy (Maybe)
-XxYoshie (DONE)
-Mark Requelme (DONE 2/2)
-WarioWare YTP (DONE)