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The 3 Palavrinhas Collab(Sign-Ups Open!)

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Hi Everyone. ZeroLittleWords(Aka ConnorsWorldAgain) Here! 

I'm Starting my Very First Collab about a yet strange children's gospel band Exclusively to Discord and Youtube 

The new collab is going to be......



Please Read the Rules!

1. Your Main source is 3 Palavrinhas (If you don't know what 3 Palavrinhas Looks like then visit this: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCb08zJgXapidkizIaEN5EfQ) you might use other sources for other inside jokes as well(With the exception of Klasky Csupo Logo Editing)

2. Any YTP style is welcome Such as "Multirendering" or "Erosion"

3. if your video gets blocked, then read this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pG4dqo4hjis

4. Your Videos must be at 720p or 1080p

5. The Framerate doesn't matter whenever it could be 30 fps or 60fps

6. You can use 2 Entries if you want

7. You Must have a watermark if you want to be in the collab but be sure not to take 59% of the screen

8. Do Not use a crappy camcorder to film your entries

9. YTPMV is allowed.

10. Remember to submit your entry in the Youchew Thread or on discord or in the comments on Youtube

11. Have Fun!

For staying strike free for 1 year.

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I just want you to know... This is my first attempt on making a Collab

For staying strike free for 1 year.

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