The Tourettes Guy YTP Collab Announcement (NOW OPEN!)

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Hello, everyone! Equiduo here and I proudly present the new YTP Collab who anyone has never done it before. The Tourettes Guy YTP Collab!
Here are the rules!

1. Your entry must include any video including Tourettes Guy. Recording the source video with Bandicam (with watermarks) are not allowed and it could be declined.

2. The length of an entry must be 0:30 - 3:50. It could be accepted shorter or longer if it's edited well.

3. Spadinner can be used but only 3 times. No MLG stuff. Also, please refrain from making or Holocaust references.

4. Have a decent video-editor, such as Vegas Pro or Premiere Pro. It can be with Windows Movie Maker if you can edit pretty well but with the video-editing programs (such as Filmora) with watermarks are not allowed

5. Your entry must have a 16:9 resolution. This means there must not be black bars.

6. Any YTP poopism is welcomed, as long as is not overused. Any YTP style is welcomed as well, such as YTPMV

7. Your entry must be decent. Low-quality or bad-edited entries are rejected. Make sure to render at least 480p.

8. You must watermark your entry. If you forgot, i will put it for you in Roboto Font.

9. Do not include any copyrighted sources. This can be rejected or accepted if it's not affecting the entire collaboration.

10. Upload it on YouTube (public or unlisted) including in the description "The Tourettes Guy YTP Collab Entry", or you can send me the link of your collab entry in the comments section.

You can put yourself in "maybe" if you're not sure.
DEADLINE: June 23rd 2018 (for entries) ; June 28th 2018 (for collab)

Have fun, be creative and no rush!

Participants List:
Equiduo (Me)
LordofMonkeys1120 (Maybe)

We're on a Bright Smiles World Tour Submitting 25 videos to the Video System For staying strike free for 1 year. Submitting 5 videos to the Video System

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