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Invader Zim YTP Collab Announcement

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1. Your entry must be around 0:30 to 4:30 long. 

2. Additional Sources are allowed.

3. No Spadinners or MLG jokes.

4. Make sure you add a border, so that the viacom won’t give you a copyright, if it doesn’t I will not allow it in the collab, due to the fact that viacom will remove the video.

5. You need to add a watermark to your entry if not I will make a watermark for you, in Invader font. 

7. Make sure you take your time, and effort into this collab, if your entry is bad then it won’t be accepted.

9. If you use any crappy mobile editor, like powerdirector, or any crappy editor, like filmora, it won’t be accepted   

10. Make sure you remove the black bars, if your editing software doesn't allow to, that's fine

12.  After your finish, upload it public, or unlisted, and send your entry on the collab’s discord, the comment section, or twitter DM’s

13. Your entry must be due on July 6, 2018 



-Bestguy590. Me


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