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The Rocket Monkeys YTP Collab 2 (OPEN)

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1. Use this video as your source:
2. Length of your entry: 0:30 - 3:00
3. Any style is allowed.
4. Don't rush to making your entry. Take your time but not to much time.
5. No MLG or any spadinner jokes.
6. You can use any software except Windows Movie Maker, Filmora, Imovie & any software with bulit-in watermark.
7. Watermark required. If you forgot the watermark, I'll add it.
8. Sex jokes or swearing are not allowed. If you forget this rule, I will bleep or cut out in actual collab.
9. Don't copy other people jokes.
10. Additonal sources are allowed but use it as the joke or pun only.
11. You can make 3 entries only.

12. Deadline: 7 July 2018.


-Green: Joining -Red: Rejected -Blue: Maybe 

TheMonkeysFellowYTP (Me)
MLG Rainbow Dash YTP
BrandonWasHere Does YTPs
KelseyTheLogo Fangirl
16 mulfordj
Borfney YTP
Liam Taheny
Edward Haase
Elephant Trickle
Justin Y.
EkremTheFanboy YTP POE


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Top 10 Videos of Mar 2018_2 Submitting 5 videos to the Video System

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I never knew someone was gonna be like Pimpsahoy...

Top 10 Videos of May 2018_2 (YTPMV) For your thorough work on the Chewiki For participating in the 2016 and 2017 Chew or Treat events! For participating in 10 successful collabs Submitting 25 videos to the Video System BWAAAH! For staying strike free for 1 year. Submitting 5 videos to the Video System Lucario

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