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The Michael Rosen Video Games Collab

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Here are the rules:


This collab is open to all the dedicated poopers out there!

If you want to join the collab you need to join this discord right here:

When you are there go to the text channel called entry request and state what game you want Michael to star in.

Once I see the game you want to do, I'll put your name down.

If you are not sure you might make it put maybe down as well.

The Discord is there so that everybody does a unique game each*.


*If you don't have discord, message me on YouChew so I know what game you want.



The minimum length of your entry should be about 1:30 and the maximum length is 6:30. (These aren't a requirement, but I would like you to stay within this time limit.)

Any editor is allowed besides Windows Movie Maker or anything with a watermark.

Your main source must be of Michael Rosen but you can use any source you want.

Please include a watermark. If you don't I'll add one for you.

Any music is allowed, as long as it doesn't get the video striked. If it puts ads on, that's fine.

The sky is the limit on what you want to do!

Make sure it is video game related though.




Once your entry is done, upload it to YouTube and send a link to me via Twitter, Discord, YouTube message or YouChew.

I would prefer if you made it unlisted, but you don't need to.

You cannot send it to me with another video service like Dropbox or Vimeo.




The deadline is 29th June 2018.

Any late entries will not be accepted.


Last of all, have fun!

If you have any questions just ask me via a message. Your best bet is to ask via discord because I'm most active there.

Have fun!





TenPinChameleon-Pikmin 1

pNsB-Shadow The Hedgehog


Dr Hotel Mario-Pong

KNIGH7-Time Crisis 4

Rad Stink-Red Faction



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For now, a maybe.

Top 10 Videos of Jul 2018_2 (Sentence mix-core) For staying strike free for 1 year. For participating in the 2017 Chew or Treat Submitting 25 videos to the Video System Submitting 5 videos to the Video System

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