The Tennis Style YTP Collab! (OPEN)

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  • 1: Any source is allowed. Just keep the video clean.
    2: You have three options for tennis styles. Round 1 style, Round 2 style, and round 3 style.
    3: Watermark your entry. If you don't, I'll put one in for you in a generic font and color.
    4: Keep your entry at a decent editing quality. Poor quality entries will be rejected.
    5: Spadinner is allowed. No MLG edits.
    6: Any video editor except WMM is allowed.
    7: Entry duration should range from 0:30-2:00.
    8: Deadline is August 30th, 2018 11:59 PM (Central Time Zone)
    9: Have fun making your entries! :3
    10: When your entry is finished, send it to me through YouTube (Public or Unlisted), Google Drive, or MediaFire.
    11: Entry quality should be 720p or above.


    Round 1 style: Keep it at any pace you want but not too slow paced.
    Round 2 style: Keep it at a relatively fast pace.
    Round 3 style: Keep it at a pace where not too many frames are left unedited.


    MediaDestroyer1 (Host) (Done)
    Tsocheff935 (Done)
    Ian O'Keefe (Maybe)
    Milk Gaming Channel
    BoomDaCorgi1337 (Done)

    Top 10 Videos of May 2018 (Brain rape/Rape-core)

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