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The Nature Cat YTP Collab

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Levi S.

1. Unlike most of my previous collabs, this one will for one specific episode: Flight of the Fireflies.
2. Don't put down "maybe" in the comments. If you are joining, you can always drop out.
3. Make sure your entry isn't screen recorded or recorded from an exterior source.
4. Your entry can be anywhere from 30 seconds-4 minutes long. I'll accept it if it goes a little above 4 minutes.
5. No MLG or spadinner jokes.
6. Don't make any joke entries.
7. I won't accept entries that are the following:
-Under 30 seconds or way over 4 minutes (unless your entry is really, really good)
-Has any overused or dead memes in it
-Makes offensive jokes (such as 9/11, autism, etc.)
-Has excessive earrape
-Fails to meet my standards
8. Take your time on the entries. The deadline is July 14.
9. I will release the collab early or late as needed.
10. Have fun, and most importantly, don't doubt yourself. 

Link to episode:



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For staying strike free for 1 year.

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