My brother, Yodadude2003 has been making videos since late 2013. So now it's time to make a collab dedicated to him! Link to Yodadude2003's channel: Here are the rules: Rule 1: Your main source must be any video from the YouTube user, Yodadude2003. I will not accept poops of any other source. However, you may use external sources as a gag or joke.
IMPORTANT: ENTRIES MUST BE CLEAN! Entry duration must range from 0:30 to 4:00. Rule 2: You must have a decent video editing software (i.e. Vegas Pro, Final Cut Pro, PowerDirector, After Effects, etc.). WMM is not allowed. Rule 3: Any YTP style is allowed. Spadinner and Meme Replacements are allowed, but no MLG edits are permitted. Spadinner and Meme Replacements must be limited to four uses per entry. Rule 4: Take your time when editing. Don't go too slow or fast. I will not accept poor quality entries with minimal editing. Rule 5: Watermark your entry. Minimal watermark animations are allowed, but don't make it too attention grabbing. No icons. I will not accept entries with software watermarks. If you forget the watermark, don't worry, I'll add one in for you in a generic font. Rule 6: When you have finished your entry, render your entry in 720p or above. If your software can't handle rendering in 720p, You can render your entry in 480p. Rule 7: After your entry is rendered, send it to me through YouTube (Public or Unlisted, no YT PMs), Google Drive, or MediaFire. Rule 8: Have fun making your entries! Signup deadline is September 25th, entry deadline is October 10th at 11:59 PM (CET). If you have any questions about the collab, just ask me. Legend: White=Still working
Red=Dropped out/Rejected Participants: -GameBreaker64
-Ian O'Keefe
-Milk Gaming Channel