The Kirby Star Allies YTP Collab

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Since I played the game on my nintendo switch, I decided to make a YTP Collab off of it

Green = Accepted

Red = Rejected

Yellow = Maybe

AmyTheAnimatorDesuChan [HOST]

Here Are The Rules

Rule 1. Your main source must be anything to Kirby Star Allies, You can use gameplay of the game,the cutscenes and more
Here's A Playlist of the examples:

Rule 2. Your entry must be 0:00 - 5:00 long

Rule 3. Any Editing Program is Allowed Including Sony Vegas, IMovie, Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro

Rule 4. Keep your entry clean, A minimun number of swearing is allowed

Rule 4.5 Watermark your entry

Rule 5. When your'e done, send me your entries on the comment section or send the entries to my discord server  or send me the entries on YouChew

Rule 6. Deadline for the signups will be September 20th 2018 and the entries will be October 17th 2018, I'll probably release the collab on November 7th

Rule 7. Have fun

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I'll be making an entry of my own, If anyone wants to join, sign up here



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