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(OPEN) The Road Sign YTP Collab

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Jeremy Quanna


I'm Jeremy the Peanuts Fan.

And I'm introducing you:

The Road Sign YTP Collab

1. You must use the 50's road sign test as your source.

Source material is right down this link:

2. Your entry length must be 0:15 to 2:00 long.

3. Please water mark your entry. If you don't, I'll add one for you.

4. All video software can be used except Windows Movie Maker, Phone Editors, and Filmora.

5. Please render your entry from 480p or higher.

6. When done, Post it to YouTube and post it on the thread.

7. Deadline is December 24th 2018.

8. Have fun! 😄



Me (host)

For staying strike free for 1 year.

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