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The Chucklevision Tribute YTP Collab

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Amber The Fangirl

<There is no YouTube announcement video as I am on holiday and I don’t have access to my PC until Tuesday>

This morning, it was announced that Barry Elliott (One half of the Chuckle Brothers) had sadly died. In memoriam, I decided to announce this collab to pay tribute to one half of Britain’s most favourite family friendly comedians.

Rules are pretty much simple: 

1. The source of your YTP must be Chucklevision. Mainly featuring Barry Chuckle as this collab is a tribute to him. Other shows are allowed as side gags (e.g. Chuckle Time, To Me... To You etc.)

2. Your entry must be between 15 Seconds - 2 Minutes. Entries that are just over or just under MAY be accepted depending on how good they are.

3. No MLG or Spadinner jokes. 

4. Entries can either be uploaded as Public or Unlisted. It’s up to you.


6. Please add a watermark on your entry. If you don’t, I will add one for you in a basic font. Don’t make your watermark big too.

Deadline: 4th September 2018.

Sorry this post isn’t that ‘professionally made’ but improvements will be made when I get home in 2 days (I am using a phone to make this post! Announcement video will be added soon)

YTP Collab Discord:

If you wish to sign up, please comment below or join the discord server. 

Have fun making your entries, and remember, no slacking!

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