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Clorox Corner

The Sempsins YTP Collab (Open)

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Clorox Corner

Welcome to The Sempsins YTP Collab!




1.The simpsons must be green. If you cant make them green,then  make the griffins yellow.

2.The Episode you edit must be from seasons 1-8 of the simpsons (The Golden Age)

3.Your poop must be edited in an emplemon style mixed in with your own. That means that you can insert as many downward spiral jokes

and as much earape as you want. Go Crazy!

4.No black bars. If your entry has black bars then i will reject it.Your poop must be no longer than 3 mins and 30 seconds

5.Your entry must have a watermark in the bottom right of the video. If you dont have one i will make you one in comic sans

6.The Deadline Is September 1st.

7.When your entry is done send it to me on my discord or twitter.


discord here:

Twitter here:




If you don't know how to make the Simpsons green here is  a tutorial i made.



Have fun and go crazy!


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