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So, after the Wacky Delly Collab release almost a week ago, I've decided to host a new collab since, for some reason, felt like doing it.

Anyways, Y'all are probably familiar with "A Charlie Brown Christmas". Charlie Brown doesn't know about the true meaning of Christmas, becomes a director of a play, that infamous dancing scene, all that stuff.

So, after doing a poll, looks like I'm doing the X-mas special.

Here's the rules: 




  •  1. Your main source has to be the Charlie Brown Christmas special.
    • I will not accept any other source, although outside sources still can be used as a gag or joke.
  • 2. Please use a decent video editor like Vegas, After Effects, Final Cut, or Premiere.
  • 3. Your entry length has to be between 40 seconds to 4 minutes.
    • So, please don't go under or over than that.
  • 4. Any style is allowed except Spadinner or MLG.
  • 5. Please watermark your entry.
    • But don't leave it too big that it distracts the viewer.
    • I will not allow entries with big software watermarks like Filmora.
    • Although, if you forget, then I'll add one for you.
  • 6. Please take your time on your entry. 
    • Don't try to rush through it or wait until the last minute.
    • Entries that fails to meet my standards will be rejected.
  • 7. Jokes that offend people like 9/11 and stuff like that are not allowed.
  • 8. Please keep your entry clean.
    • So, please don't add any jokes about sex. 
    • Profanity (swear words) is also not allowed.
  • 9. When you're done with your entry, please upload it to Youtube (It has to be unlisted), and send me a link to it on either the comment section of the video or on this Youchew page.
  • 10. Have Fun!

December 1st, 2018 for sign-ups
December 12th, 2018 for submissions



  • White = Joined, Not Done
  • Orange = Maybe 
  • Green = Done and Accepted
  • Red = Done and Rejected
  • White With Line = Dropped Out
  • ThePixarlampDude (Me)
  • PoopTV
  • Meatball64
  • Mike's TOON TOWN
  • GameBreaker64
  • superkeegan9100
  • A3B6C4
  • Kick a Door
  • Littlekate theLitten
  • Jeremy The Peanuts Fan


It's yours, my friend. Submitting 5 videos to the Video System

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