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The General Reaction Thread

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The Pope

Post reactions to things in here.

Such as:


For staying strike free for 7 years. For getting 20 awards Wads of dosh It's like giving heals to each of your five idiot teammates. Except you never play healer. I do. It's definitely not Hancock loooool For completing Twilight Princess during the community challenge. User with Funniest Signatures 2016, Spirit of YouChew Award 2016, Most Likely to Rule the World 2016 Participating in the Halloween costume event for 5 years Reaching 1 Million Chewbucks For getting in the Super Silver donation group Chewbot gives congrats for not getting any warnings for over 5 years April 2013 - YTPMV Chewbot gives congrats for uploading 5 videos For being on the Vanilla forums for 135 days before it was shut down ALWAYS WITH THE DAMN LAGOS The original ninja info cards. Ribbit! ta-da Thanks for sharing your treats!

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