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On 6/28/2017 at 7:57 AM, Ferg said:

China is easily the worst offender for the most bootleg-y country ever.

Man that's an understatement. China bootlegs fucking anything and everything and a lot of their national laws say that, if you want to market your product inside China, you have to hand over your blueprints/design documents/etc to the country so they can distribute it to their own manufacturers and pretty much undermine your product... using a cheaper knockoff of your own product.

China's days are numbered though. They've gotten so big so fast because of a huge stream of rural migrants washing into cities to work in factories over the last 30 years, but now those migrants are drying up and China is about to lose its expendable labor force. It's something that is literally going to change the entire world.

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I'm not very surprised that a North Korean propaganda film received a dub. There are Juche apologists outside of North Korea, so I imagine that the dubbing company made it with them in mind, assuming that they have ties to the North Korean government and they weren't just shamelessly doing it for money. 

However, I'm not sure why Italy would allow a company with apparent ties to North Korea to operate like this in the first place. 

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