This is the The Poop Tennis Café. This is YCP's watering hole, a place to discuss tennis and have a generally good time. It's served by the Staff, colloquially known as the Tennis Fucks. So come in, have a drink, and have some fun with us. The roster is located in a separate thread now, stickied at the top of this section. You may make requests for updates in the Cafe though. The first Café can be found The second Café can be found here. The third Café can be found ORIGINAL POST: Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, to the Poop Tennis Café. This is a free-to-use, comfortable place where you can chat, talk about poop tennis, arrange and promote matches, discuss recent and historic matches, enjoy some free beverages, and have a generally good time. You can post your tennis profile here as well, and I'll edit this first post to display everyone's profile on the roster. Your profile can include anything you want about tennis: who you want to play, who you have played, what material or software you use or want to use, what variants you would like to try, when the best time to play would be, anything really. Check the roster to see if you're on anyone's tennis game wish-list. Make yourselves at home!