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Ban Appeals

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Read everything below carefully before sending an appeal. Appeals should be sent to [email protected] Please make sure to include your username, date of ban, and final ban reasoning. Appeals not filled out properly will not be considered. Thank you.

In order for a banned member to be eligible for an appeal to remove their ban, they must fulfill the following requirements:

  • The member who is appealing the ban must not have attempted to evade the ban in question; this can be through alt accounts, spam accounts, or any other method to return and cause mischief/complain, including having unbanned members relay malicious messages to the forum.
  • The member appealing the ban must not have deliberately attempted to ban themselves; for example, you must not have posted porn repeatedly to ban yourself on purpose.
  • The member appealing the ban must have less than six strikes in their history.

If you fulfill these requirements, I require an email written by the member appealing explaining exactly why they deserve to be unbanned and what they will do to prevent further malice towards the forum.

This applies to permanent bans only; temp bans will always stand.

The general ruling and review of the email's contents should satisfy these three guidelines:

They must demonstrate (1) a serious consideration of the actions which led to their banning, (2) a commitment to preventing future breakages of the rules, (3) a willingness and eagerness to participate wholesomely in the forum community.

Once you are accepted this far, you will be placed in a hearing among a panel of four moderators, with a presiding admin acting as judge, with opinions from other staff, who will vote on the final verdict of the removal of the ban.

If the ban is successfully removed, then the member will join the 'Juvenile Correction' group. They will stay in this group for 3 months, when their strike count is lowered back from the three they left the forum with. If any rules or violations are broken in this 3 month period, then the member in question will be permanently banned without any option for further appeal.

Keep in mind that this is not a ticket to start bad behavior, with the hope of just returning because bans mean nothing. Bans DO mean something, and they always will; but for those who truly feel their ban was not justified, we now have an option for those people.

Participating in the Halloween costume event for 5 years For staying warn free for 9 years Thanks for contributing to that Chewstream. Granting permission for a card that was later dropped For releasing articles on YouChew's Best of the Year series from 2007-2015. It's gonna hurt It's yours, my friend Thanks for helping out with the new server Chewbot gives congrats for having 21 awards For taking second place in 2014's Chew-or-Treat awards. Congratulations! For participating in Chew-or-Treat 2014! For having a blog entry featured. Chewbot gives congrats for not getting any warnings for over 7 years User with Funniest Avatars 2014
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Smartest User 2017 Chewbot gives congrats for not getting any warnings for over 5 years August 2012 - Sentence mix-core, Classic For the categories of Funniest Signature and Spirit of YouChew.
Spirit of YouChew Award 2015 February 2012 - "Merlin's Penis" (Sentence mix-core) Chewbot gives congrats for uploading 34 videos Chewbot gives congrats for uploading 34 videos For being on the Vanilla forums for 215 days before it was shut down Cause he's Dopply!<br />
<br />
And for posting at the end of the Gen Chat thread! Yesterday should count, right? For my cock. Obviously. A thanks to myself, I suppose, pardner. Miss10 gave this to me, and congratulated me. I felt special. For moderator service. For the most Fucking Horrifying Character in Rabbit's Character Study contest.<br />
<br />
Good work!

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