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File Uploading Beta Rules

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Hello, I've added an experimental file uploader to the Gaming section, so users can post 3DS images for other 3DS users to 3D. However, you may also upload things such as music, videos, or games you have made. Just be warned; you only have 10MB of space to use, so use it wisely.

Note that once you upload something to YouChew, it becomes YouChew's content, so to speak. So, let's keep:

  • Pornography
  • Shock images
  • Viruses/Trojans, etc
  • Heavily copyrighted content
  • Anything else that you know is bad
    ...the hell off of the forum. Note that I'm using the Gaming section first so that the waters of such a feature are kept to a certain limit. If this proves to work and I can trust the majority of you, you'll see the feature expanded to other boards, and we can start up a Video Archive of sorts.

    Some more things about uploading/downloading:

    • Don't double post. Please. This makes it awful on the system even more. Be careful when hitting submit.
    • Take caution in what is posted and what you post. If the moderation team thinks something looks suspicious, we'll take care of it and deal with it accordingly. Speaking of that...
    • If you violate any of our core rules, and host pornography, gore, viruses, etc, or whatever in the red, then it's an instant strike. Hosting content on a webserver is tricky business so I want this to go as smoothly as possible.
    • Speaking of that, we can make every effort to prevent bad stuff from happening, but this doesn't mean that it won't. So, here's our official disclaimer: The YouChew Network, and any of its staffs involved in its operation and upkeep, including our web host, are not responsible for any harm that comes to you, your computer, your device(s), or any other belonging that is yours, from what others post. It's up to you to make smart decisions, and while we will make every effort to prevent wrongdoings and do what needs to be done to prevent such misdemeanors, we are not legally or financially responsible for you.
    • So be responsible, make good decisions, and make me proud.
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Good work!

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