Welcome the the Poop Tennis Café! THE ROSTER: This roster contains: RabbitSnore, Ikwaylx, Misselaineous10, SeductiveBaz, Vorhias, Crash2991, Terrorist, UncleChuckTH, Stegblob, intenseowl, Erarg, PapaGonzales, Peskeyplumber, Markie, ELPsteel, BMATF, TyrannosaurusReich, MilkR0und. Click for: Tentor the Hamster, Furnessly, Seconteen, Rex507, GameBop, Luioigi, Nuthead, PsygnosisDoraemon, Lucider, Gallers, theHappyFungus, ADHDYoshi, LightningSpike, MrDrunkenFox, Hoss1993, JohnshiBRPG, NS2, TheDumbening. The roster is open. - RabbitSnore - Would like to play these poopers: Hoss1993 Thereisnospork303 (again) TurkeyBeef Tentor the Hamster MrDrunkenFox (again) Misselaineous10 (again) Dopply Toadomos Furnessly Seconteen Crash2291 (in a more formal game) Would like to play with these variants: All Star Wars (again) All Star Fox (again) Free for all Trap Video Tennis Timing: Any time is usually good. Has played: Thereisnospork303, SushieBoy, PapaGonzales, Misselaineous10, Conrad Slater, MrDrunkenFox, YamiMario, UncleChuckTH, Pimpsahoy, GameBop, Gallers, UncleChuckTH, SeductiveBaz, theHappyFungus, Christoph, BMATF, TheElectricMessiah, strong414bad - Ikwaylx - Would like to play these poopers: BMATF Miss10 Stegblob Pimpsahoy (lolz) KamoTheChameleon (Again) RabbitSnore Unclechuckles Furnessly MrDrunkenFox OMGulator Mecha TheSadMushroom Hoss1993 Would like to play these variants: Trap Video Tennis Old video to new (Take an old poop and use that as new footage.) Free for all Timing: I'd probably put in a lot of time for tennis next week or at the half term. Has Played: ADHDYoshi The1936 (It failed though.) - Misselaineous10 - Would like to play these poopers: MrDrunkenFox BMATF Ophios Stegblob Would like to play these variants: Free for all (Anything can be used) Has played: Conrad, Bobomb99, Insineratehymn, SushieBoy, RabbitSnore, PapaGonzales, Terrorist - SeductiveBaz - Would like to play these poopers: Stegblob JazzDanceForChildren Gnomebob tetsuo9999 nextg Would like to play these variants: All Scottish based sources All musician based sources Has Played: TangerineImpz, UncleChuckTh, MahsuginaChicken, hom906sar, ApolloBoy, Grabboarm, TyrannosaurusReich, Wikiwow -Vorhias - Would like to play these poopers: WikiWow UncleChuckTH ApolloBoy Ophios StegBlob Miss10 Would like to play these variants: Free for All Bill O'Reilly (But only against ApolloBoy or StegBlob) Mario-centric (None of the cartoons, though) Video Game Footage YTPMV Match (Just throwin' out ideas here.) Has Played: DrKelexo, XBR4D3NX - Crash2991 - Would like to play: Tangerine Gallers (again) Ophios Cortes Scimath12 (again) Rabbit Steg Conrad Miss10 Full Metal Kiwi Yenehckcid kiz038 MelvanaInChains Peskeyplumber Strong414bad NS2 Christoph Has played: Gallers, Scimath12, and sonicmstr Variants: Free for all - Terrorist - WOULD LIKE TO PLAY: RABBITSNORE STEGBLOBERS BMATF MISS10 BAZ CONRAD UNCLECHUCKTH WIKIWOW APOLLOBOY THEELECTRICFUCK HAS PLAYED: BMATF, WIKIWOW, UNCLECHUCK, MISS10 WOULD LIKE TO PLAY WITH: REN AND STIMPY AOSTH BUBB RUBB MANLY EVERYTHING. - UncleChuckTH - Have played: Conrad Baz BMATF Wiki Yenehckcid Terrorist Roflguy Rabbit would like to play: Tentor PapaG TINS Bobomb99 Miss10 Deepercutt and rabbit again, sometime later. Spork Fox Also, Using only gameplay footage a game where each round is longer than the one before. Currently playing: Gamebop - Stegblob - Would Like To Play: Any old fucker Sources: Any old shite Have Played: T-REICH - Intenseowl - Would Like To Play: Ikwaylx Y2Zero Mrdrunkenfox Calcualte900(again) Tentor the hamster Deepercutt BMATF MilkR0und KingCornholio MetalAcid Miss10 Xample wikiwow sushieboy arufonzu Gamecubehero (rematch) RabbitSnore Sources: Any thing, Gameplay only, Star Fox only, SMW only, AoStH only all commercials,all spongebob and all music videos Have Played: Gamecubehero Calculate900 - Erarg - Would like to play against: Pretty much anybody who is featured, BUT I would like a 3+ way tennis round Would like to play these variants: ANY, I DON'T CARE Timing: Any time is good Has played against: Lupo/Roflguy, Christoph, ZePequinoBrazil, and Whelt - PapaGonzales - Has Played MrDrunkenFox RabbitSnore Misselaineous10 SushieBoy Tentor Wants to play Nuthacker (fat chance, I know) JazzDanceForChildren Real Pimpsahoy Conrad Thereisnospork303 EmporerIng360 Stegblob UncleChuckTH Arufonzu Variants I'm considering large more than 2 player matches. - Peskeyplumber - Has played: Seconteen Kiz Would like to play: Papa Kiz(again) Rabbitsnore Spork Deepercutt(to either get more subscribers or laugh at the fanboys) Idiotska Miss10 Baz Fox Tang MetalAcid Melvana Nimrod Steg Conrad BMATF EvilNES Pimps Gamecubehero arufonzu dopply SuperYoshi Variants: Trap Tennis More than two players I played against SoldierElerium, Terrorist, LightningSpike, Stegblob and currently playing FOTEP - Markie - HAS PLAYED GAINST BMATF (not really) Glitchboyadvance (in progress) Pullahoko (nice) GreatBritishTurd (greatest tennis match ever) WANTS TO PLAY AGAINST Conrad Slater TyrannosaurusReich The Electric Cheese TangerineImpz manwith10toes JazzDance MrDrunkenFawkes Inventor of Football Erarg Pikawil StarRodMan OTHER NOTED -a three way match between me, MrFox and T-Reich -uses both WMM and Vegas -a Hannah Barbera cartoon only poop tennis match -I HOPE I DON'T GET SLAUGHTERED BY MR. SIMON. I REALLY DON'T WANNA. - ELPsteel - I would like to play against: Conrad Jazzdance Stegblob if those people dislike me, my family and/or my videos, then anyone else who is good/original. History: So far, I have played tennis with BMATF. I don't have a whole lot of free time, so rounds would be produced at a leisurely pace. Preferred footage: ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING. Except CD-I and Sonic, unless you're very good at Sonic (i.e. your username is BMATF, Stegblob or UncleChuckTH). I'd prefer to avoid CD-I altogether. But again, if you're really good anything is possible. - BMATF - Would like to play these poopers: Stegblob Ikwaylx RabbitSnore Thereisnospork303 SeductiveBaz JazzDanceForChildren TangerineImpz Misselaineous10 MrDrunkenFox Dopply toadomos Hoss1993 Tentor dvariano Squirellous Would like to play with these variants: All AOSTH (Again) All Mario Trap Tennis Free For All All Gameplay Footage Timing: Any time I feel like playing tennis, or when I have time. Has played: Markie, GameCubeHero, Dhgriff9, CheezNapkin, Strong414Bad, Lupo/roflguy, ELPSteel, conradslater, Wikiwow, UncleChuckTH, Terrorist, and BigLuigiandSonicfan. - TyrannosaurusReich - Would like to play these poopers: Idiotska OMGTSN TangerineImpz Kirara/Shadow-Blaziken 1upclock JazzDanceForChildren (REMATCH OF THE CENTURY) Would like to play these variants: Free for all Has Played: MelvanaInChains JazzDanceForChildren Stegblob SeductiveBaz - MilkR0und - have played: Y2zero deepercutt want to play: UncleChuckTH y2zero(again) Hoss vorhais Squirrlious(fat chance) Deepercutt(again) intenseowl Dopply wikiwow arufonzu calculate 900 Special matches: doubles only gamefootage ***********************