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Three inch man and big grandson scare the lawns off the nosy trimmers

By JokeyBRPG, 08/02/2017

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A small sized grandpa and his big kid grandson see lots of plants left at home to put in the garden, but some people stepped in and think that the whole garden needs cutting, which makes grandpa furious. As the garden trimmers are about to begin cutting, both grandpa and the big kid fire off their secret weapon: NK ACID KITTY TRIPP, the tool used to scare the intruders away.

I felt lucky to have NKPower as as the entrant to make a NKopy NKat from since I was familiar with his poops and was like my editing styles that I aim for. I felt a bit concerned that I would not make it in time, but thankfully I felt happy with the outcome just a few days before due date so I can enjoy a relaxing family reunion vacation from the 5th to 13th of August. Although I felt concerned that some parts of the audio feel too quiet of set at low volume, but the rest of the elements should be quite good enough to copy NK Power's video.

I will say to NKPower and the rest of Youchew as I submit this entry: Cheerio, and off I go!

Sources are listed inside my video and I did my best to emulate NKPower's style with a few twists of my own.




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