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Rolf Gets Stoned

By JokeyBRPG, 09/01/2017
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Rolf discovers a magical shoe that contains magical weed. Rolf snuffs it up and then experiences a visual adventure based on his state of mind.

I wanted to make an entry for the Experimental Collab that involved something trippy as a theme because it deals with experimentation. Thanks to the Collab 2 with open sign-ups, I can seize the opportunity to make the video. In terms of experimentation, I wanted to use explore it in narrative sense as well as providing visuals that were not simply about shapes and abstract patterns. I decided to employ the "LSD / Surreal / Horror" visual trip to connect with narrative of Rolf being doped. As much as I wanted to do more on exploring surreal-experiences, I had to eventually put an end to this project. Thus, you see the sleepy underwater happy dream and the demonic awakening nightmare segments as they are phases in state of mind under weed, and felt proud on how it turned out in the end. Oh yeah.. That beginning part before Rolf smells the weed-infested shoe, that acts pretty much as a transition from standard tropes to entering a more experimental world of youtube poop.


Crap, I accidentally unvoted your great video. Forgive me.

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