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He Who Makes a Beast of Himself... {Director's Cut}

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Of all my years of being a poop enthusiast/connoisseur, I had/have yet to come across a pooper who delves into the horror aspect of YTP. In a community where so much has been explored, horror is an avenue that has still been left untouched. SO, I set out to end that, by making a horror poop of my own. Last year, I had first tackled the concept of a horror themed YTP with one of my first poops; "Dad is Back to Make the Average American Voter Contemplate Suicide." Being that it was my 2nd video ever, and being stuck with Windows Movie Maker, I unfortunately produced less than stellar results, resulting in creating nothing more than just a jump scare ending.

Fast forward to May of this year, I had dove into my first real foray into the horror genre of YTP with the 1st version of "He Who Makes a Beast of Himself..." While I liked how it came out, there were quite a few editing mistakes that were made here and there, and overall, it felt as if it was incomplete (think of it as handing in a rough draft as the final product). The story almost ended there, until several months later, I had come across an announcement that was made by the one-and-only Palette (and just in the nick of time too), who was finally making a sequel to her Experimental Collab. Seeing this as an opportunity to finally prove myself (and in more ways than one at that), with less than just a month to spare, I took to my computer, and got to working on the Director's Cut of my TRUE horror debut.

After a week and a half (give or take) straight of working on the video, I had set out what I had set out to do, and finally finished the definitive version of my horror-themed YTP, and honestly, I couldn't be happier. In the future, I hope to see my more YTPs of this kind. 

Huge thanks to Palette for accepting my video into her collab. It honestly means a lot to me. 



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