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I don't know what Ed I am anymore

By JokeyBRPG, 02/14/2018

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Unfortunately, A certain ed suffers from an ed-dentity crisis, and that spells trouble for our particular ed.


Okay... I pretty much suffered from minor post-work stress procrastination along with a certain life direction changes. That was a result in me attempting to make a YTP that gives homage to the Era 1 (2006 to 2009) Poopers who use Ed Edd n Eddy as their major source such as ShreddaX (the first to use Ed Edd n Eddy), PikaMario, anti4evermario (aka 4evervids4you), McMangos, Sushiboy, and more. At the same time, I had to evolve my own style to something more distinct based on Era 2 (2010 to present) YTP philosophies to go beyond typical tropes and make something new. That reminds me of the time when I had JohnshiBRPG as my channel for youtube poops that are pure random back when I was in high school without much thought put in. I stopped in 2009 due to loss of hope and interest. When I returned to youtube poop at the end of 2015, after graduating from college with new knowledge and insight, I decided to come back with a fresh new start with JokeyVids. This dude may have learned the tools of Era 2 poops, but is committed to have a heart of an Era 1 pooper, before the shattering of Youtube Freedom.


25 minutes ago, JokeyBRPG said:

What's with me????

I don't even know who I am anymore!



Seriously though fantastic work. I lost my shit at 0:56 the unnecessary earrape was a great build up

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