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The Twisted Racketeer of Evil Sabotage

By AshcrementVII, 05/06/2012

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Delightful maniacs


The Neoprene Junebug


I don't know if anyone's ever told you this Ash, but your thumbnails come out perfect every time.

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Well..... I have have never met Napoleon.

They must also be Pirates eh? Mhmmmm.

What are we doing? Smoking weed.

Your conversation really is conversation. If you would entertain the door.

We can do better than that. FUUUUUCK!

Nothing can stand in my way!

from 0:56 to just before Fluttershy says NO! I have I can't make out the sentence mixing if there is supposed to be a sentence or two in there.

How did you make there beam shoot out of someones eyes at 1:08 ?

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