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  • Retro Cinema Reviews: South Park: Bigger, Longe...

    Sep 27 2014 08:25 AM | TheOneManBoxOffice in Media Reviews

    South Park: Bigger, Longer, & Uncut (1999)
    Paramount/Warner Brothers
    Directed by Trey Parker
    Rated R

    It should come to no surprise when I say that my all-time favorite television show is South Park. With its clever writing and political satire, this is the show that would put Viacom affiliate Comedy Central on the map in terms of basic cable. To this day the show is still running, as creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone already signed a deal for three more seasons right after the 17th season ended.

    For the two or so people that don’t know, and for those who’ve lived under a rock for god knows how long, I’ll give you the skinny. You see, in the early 1990s, Columbine students Trey Parker and Matt Stone made two short animated Christmas cards, both of which are called The Spirit of Christmas. The first one, which is also called Jesus Vs. Frosty involves four foul-mouthed boys who build a snowman only for it to come alive as a monster and wreak havoc upon the town, and the only person that could kill him is Jesus Christ himself. After the video went viral, Matt and Trey created another one entitled Jesus Vs. Santa, which involves the four boys encountering both Jesus Christ and Santa Clause, both of which begin to fight each other over who has control of the holiday. The latter became the official pilot for South Park. The animation was submitted to Comedy Central, and they loved it so much that they signed a deal with Matt...

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