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  • Interview With Geibuchan

    Sep 09 2014 06:55 AM | HerrVarden in Interviews

    Geibuchan. A pooper nearly 7000 subscribers strong, whose well known for his artistic skills which create a slew of special effects in his videos as well as also being able to maintain the simpler elements in check. His ongoing series of The King's Epic Adventure cements his abilities as a flash pooper as it both boggles the mind but keeps a cohesive story in check. His most utilized sources consist of Azumanga Daioh, the old Pac-Man cartoon, a plethora of the AIDS sources (most notably the Zelda CDi and AoTSH), Kirby Right Back At Ya! and in a series of his, Disney's Alice In Wonderland. Wanting to obtain further information, I stole a horse from the RCMP and rode to the south to find out about Geibuchan-sama.

    Tell us a little about yourself.

    Alrighty, well, if I can just say anything, I'm just sitting here in Texas at age 20, I've spent almost my whole life drawing as a hobby and I've attended advanced art classes throughout my whole highschool life. I've been playing video games since age 4 as an avid Mario/Sonic fan, and I've been watching poops ever since late '06. Beforehand, I spent a good lot of my time dicking around with MS Paint and WMM, making shitty custom sprite animations that I never considered releasing to the public, and watching Blackarms dubs. I have a lot to say here, so forgive me if I begin to ramble.

    How did you first get into YTP?

    If I remember correctly, it was about a few months after my fol...

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