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  • A look at The Boondocks

    Apr 21 2014 10:03 PM | zacheatscrackers in Media Reviews

    Playin' MCs since 1999.
    Mmmm, good ol' Boondocks.

    Most people know what it is by now, and its impact is undeniable. Satirically sharp, intelligent, hysterically funny and arguably one of the most poignant franchises in years, The Boondocks was created by Aaron McGruder for The Diamondback student newspaper located in Maryland. Although the comic strip was initially produced in 1996, it wasn't until 1999 where it made its national debut with the help of Universal Press Syndicate and became the hit it is today. What made it different from other generic strips like Cathy and Garfield was the fact that it lampooned both African American culture and American politics. Rarely did it rely on the cheap one-note humor that its peers abused to death and beyond, instead opting for controversial viewpoints on various subjects (whether it be racial, class or social) and more thought-provoking quips.

    The cast is just as interesting to boot. Huey Freeman, arguably the protagonist, is a cynical, leftist, intelligent kid that also happens to be a retired domestic terrorist (take their word for it). He's often the mouthpiece for Aaron McGruder, and looks down on the idiots of society, whether they be racial stereotypes or simply people that don't know any better. Riley Freeman, the other de facto protagonist, is his brother and complete opposite; a wannabe, misogynist, bratty gangster who represents everything Huey has disdain for. Nonetheless, the two share a r...

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