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  • The Demise of SweetFrog

    Jul 11 2014 08:07 AM | thebluespectre in Editorials

    The world is constantly changing; they’ve even stopped making frozen yogurt near where I work. Fresh out of college last year, I found myself in need of a job in a market already saturated with people exactly like me, and ended up working for a major retail chain until further notice. With barely more money than before and a creeping sense of doom, there were days I needed something to look forward to during my lunch break. Little did I know that there was a neon green frozen yogurt shop within walking distance of my job- nobody seemed to notice, despite the place’s uncanny appearance. This place was just another meaningless storefront with no history. That’s probably why it’s closed now.

    There was nothing particularly special about SweetFrog. The frozen yogurt (or “frogurt”) stand was one of a rapidly spreading chain, which simply did not work for that location; haphazardly shelved between sports equipment and jewelry in a medium-size town’s shopping complex, unnoticed despite gaudy decorations and banners, fiberglass statues of grinning mascots. There is another frozen yogurt stand two blocks away from where the old one once stood, with a disturbingly similar paint job, with distressingly similar menu items. This SweetFrog hardly ever had customers inside, attracting either parent-nagging children (only ever seen once) or jaded teenagers (again, only seen once). The only signs this restaurant was ever present are some novelty t-shirts and a few ne...

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