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  • I Still Love YouChew: the History of Poop Colla...

    Aug 15 2014 10:28 PM | Nozdordomu in Poop Reviews

    If there’s anything that best shows the diversity and the affinity of the pooping community, it’s the Youtube poop collaboration. On and off the forum, collabs have been the go-to method for exhibiting multiple poops and poopers at once. Not only has the collab section taught us cavemen organization and teamwork, but it's also spawned a great deal of entertaining and eye-opening videos, as well as introduced poopers who might not have watched each others’ work otherwise. I’m going to trace the development of the poop collaboration, from the earliest days of poop to the first projects on YouChew and other notable events after that.

    You might be surprised to learn that Youtube poops collabs are almost as old as Youtube poop itself. As SuperYoshi remembers, “This was the first collab, in a technical sense:

    About the first half of the video is mine; the other is Retrojape's. Basically everything from 0:01 to 2:24 was my editing; everything after was Retro's, but we made it together and suggested jokes throughout the process. We both made it at my house back in 2005. a few months after I had made I'd Say He's Hot On Our Tail. The idea of making a Mega Man video was Retro's idea after we watched the first episode off of the Mega Man Anniversary Collection on PS2 and it pretty much stemmed from the Protoman pelvic thrust, which was his idea. Fun fact: This was the first poop that had actual effects. The edition of WMM I used to make Hot On Our Tail on...

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