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  • Bravely Default Review [by The Pope]

    Apr 08 2014 09:12 PM | Cantfly in Media Reviews

    Huh. So this is what a Final Fantasy game is like.
    This game's a very interesting beast. With its traditional turn-based combat, spells like Firaga and Blizzara, Phoenix Downs and Cait Siths, it's a Final Fantasy game in everything but name. Which is interesting, because the only other Final Fantasy games I've played are the first and the XIII games. The first game bored me due to its lack of personality from its main characters and its weak story, though being one of the first RPGs, you can't fault it for that. XIII and XIII-2 I enjoy to varying degrees, but we all know what popular opinion on XIII is, so no point beating that dead horse. I say this because this game, in both form and function, harkens back to older Final Fantasy games. For others, it may cause a wave of nostalgic emotions. For me, though, I'll be able to judge it objectively on its own merits.


    Our heroes in a rare, non-super deformed state.
    Our four Warriors of the Light, as it were, are Tiz Arrior, a humble farmboy whose home village is swallowed up by a giant chasm that appears out of nowhere, Agnes Oblige, a young maiden who's tasked with awakening four crystals from their slumbering state, Ringabel, an amnesiac casanova who carries around a mysterious journal that tells the future, and Edea, the heiress of the antagonistic Duchy of Eternia who can't stand her home's crimes anymore. Together, they have to go across the world to awaken four crysta...

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