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  • Hiring New Writing Staff Members

    Today, 08:21 AM | Crazy Luigi in Announcements

    Hello my fellow users; on behalf of the YouChew Writing Staff, it's become that time again. You know the one, the time where we seek new members for our group to help regularly contribute articles. If you are interested, detailed below will be the process and requirements for application. We are especially looking for members who will be active in both writing articles and giving feedback to other's articles, and we currently have a special interest in anyone who would write YouTube Poop related articles, though all applications will be considered. While we do not have an extremely strict minimum article requirement for members, it is with our greatest of hopes that they will contribute at least once a month, so keep this in mind.

    The Process of Applying:
    - Send a sample article to one of the Editors of the Writing Staff (Nozdordomu, Crazy Luigi, HerrVarden, or SkyBlueFox). This article may be of any subject and any length, though you should be reasonable about the size (you can use previous articles from any given period of time as a guideline). Don't worry too much about images, though a good demonstration of your formatting can help (again, you may look upon previous articles). Typically these sample articles will not be published, although we can look into exceptions if they do get presented well enough for such an occasion.
    - If a majority of editors and staff approve of your article, you will be contacted for a brief interview. The questions...

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