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  • Harvest Moon 64: Fact, Opinion, Recollection

    Yesterday, 11:13 PM | Parappatherapper in Media Reviews

    I dedicate this article to Robin Williams, who passed during its creation.

    Harvest Moon 64: Fact, Opinion, Recollection

    First, a little background in case you aren't familiar. Harvest Moon 64 is the second game in the Harvest Moon series. It was released on the Nintendo 64 platform in February of 1999 for Japan and December of that same year for North America. It was published and translated by Natsume but mostly the work of Victor Entertainment Software (before they merged with numerous companies and ended up somewhere in Marvelous Entertainment). It's described as a farming simulator, but I see it more as a “slice of life” game with farming elements. The basic story is that Jack inherits the farm of his grandfather who recently died. Instead of selling his grandfather's property, Jack wants to revive the farm and make a life for himself there.

    Before we dive in I want to make clear my intentions. This is the abridged version what that doesn't go over the whole game with a fine tooth comb. I could go over the entire game, but almost everything has been covered by Walkthroughs and FAQs on the internet. The goal of this article is to share a little overview of the game and its mechanics, a little bit of criticism so the article doesn't feel biased and one sided toward the positive aspects, and I'll also share some personal experiences.

    Chapter 1: The Game Who Wasn't There
    Those old enough to remember the late 1990's m...

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