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  7. Channel Awesome

    Regards of the small amount of the core of Channel Awesome that still does stuff, it's not the core but I could post Rocked stuff more often because whatnot.
  8. The Second Image Spam Thread

  9. Images You Find Visually Interesting

    There's something really intriguing about this photo. It's very warm and nostalgic.
  10. Pokemon Image Spam v2

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  12. The Fourth Simplicity Collab [OPEN]

    I'll have a go on this.
  13. Sources you'd like to see used more often

    Freestyle rap battles Pokémon jacksfilms Family Feud Music videos in general
  14. [General Poop Discussion] The takOAH BLASTER Sails in the Morning

    Hosting a fresh collab.
  15. The Fourth Simplicity Collab [OPEN]

    Yeh sure. Sign me up.
  16. Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce you to the 4th Simplicity Collab. I did get 100% permission from Smonge to host this collab. If you do not know Smonge, he is a YouTube Pooper who actually hosted the first simplicity collab. Without further or do, let's jump right into the collab. GUIDELINES: You can use any source if you want but you need to keep your editing techniques as simple. Please reffer to this link if you do not get what I mean. http://youchew.net/forum/index.php?/topic/107965-simply-simple/ You can use: Stuttering Repeating Reversing Stock Effects (such as Color Balance, invert, and HSL adjust.) Panning/Cropping Sentence Mxing/Dubbing Speeding Up/Slowing Down Mirroring/Flipping You can't use: Masking Keyframing (except for panning.) After Effects (Blender, etc.) Sound effects that are not distortion and volume. Please try using a minimal amount of video and audio tracks. FORMAT: It is important to render your entries in 1920x1080 as WMVs or MP4s. If you do not, that means that I might have to convert your entry leading it to having really shit quality as a result and I do not want that to happen. You can either send me your entries as mediafire links, dropbox links, and maybe google drive links. Overall, Your entry needs to be 30 seconds to 4 minutes. TIMELINE: This collaboration is open for participation until 19th of February 2018. I might have to change it if needed but anyways, have fun with your entries. PARTICIPANTS: I might not put a participants list, but I can try to keep track of whoever that's joining.
  17. Music Rhythm Game Discussion

    Spent a good amount of the last two weeks revisiting the two DJ Hero games, and they hold up pretty damn good, if you ask me. Forgot how fucking catchy their soundtracks are. like help me
  18. Sources you'd like to see used more often

    Dragon Quest 8. The voice acting is so obnoxiously British and hammy at times it's hilarious.
  19. General Music Chat

    I mean, considering a lot of fucking abysmal shit that somehow gets played to death on """""""alternative""""""" (supposedly) radio stations, I'd at the very least consider this "not the worst thing I've heard this year", though this song is still quite a turd, and I'm sure these nobodies will be forgotten in a couple years. ...Wait, who made this? 30 Seconds to Mars? ...what?
  20. Artist's Lounge

    Hey, it's Android 21 from Dragonball Fighter Z! I'm starting to get the hang of these dang markers. Figured I'd share it since it's an improvement and it's not SHAMEFUL TRASH.
  21. Music Rhythm Game Discussion

    I still wish Konami would just make the PC versions of their rhythm games a single "one purchase to get all or most of the songs, and you can play them as much as you want" sorta deal like Guitar Hero and Rock Band were, but hey, if they're making songs more accessible I guess that's a start? I dunno, I can definitely say that the aforementioned psychological shit regarding SDVX3 tickets --- combined with the grindy unlocking system for songs/charts and the fact that giving Konami money if you're not Japanese is like pulling teeth --- has made me drift back to K-Shoot for the most part, so I can understand being disappointed with their models. On the topic of Stepmania, last week was expensive but productive. I present to you trep's Unorthodox Homemade Stepmania Hand Bar Setup, Version 1.0, featuring a cameo from his cats: TL;DR, it's functional, feels better to me than the usual rear-bar setup, but could be better. And will be better when I have motivation. Doubles are possible with a bit of rotation and control remapping. Can't say I do, but it seems like a good way to get my money's worth out of the Rock Band 4 guitar I never use, if it's compatible. I assume/hope there's a good resource of songs for it?
  22. Aw man, that kind of sucks. You are really good at getting a lot of people's attention and made really great original collabs.
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