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  2. Images that are out of context

    The Oz Incident - 20[DATE REDACTED]
  3. Hello everyone

    welcome to youchew, mr. guy I see in the comment section of every freakin' Cartoon Network video in existence though I had no idea you made YTPs, so its pretty interesting to see you here
  4. What Do You Think Of The Above Poop?

    Good stuff, Bio. I love how your style gets more fast paced with every video you upload. This video is probably your fastest so far. I can definitely tell that you put a lot of effort into it. I like all of the "blink and you'll miss moments", and the clever jokes.
  5. Post a pic of a poop you're working on

    Hey. What's NKpower doing in that pan?
  6. Least favorite Internet memes

    You just reminded me of this image that I had to go to the ends of the earth to find again.
  7. Yesterday
  8. The Poop Tennis Café - No lights.

    tbh i think tennis should be banned uwu
  9. The Poop Tennis Café - No lights.

    I've posted this before, but I'm going to post it again.
  10. People will still find out who made it. If its an unlisted video, they can check who made it by going to the YouTube page.
  11. KingHeavy


    I'll get you Eh! Steve, if it's the last thing I dooooo!

  12. The Musician's Lounge

    Who's in for some Gentle Giants?
  13. Artist's Lounge

    Decided to redesign the title art for my game, thought it came out really good! I especially liked the colors I used, really differentiates each of the characters. :3 Can't say I have any complaints here
  14. discord server (i think it's easier this way) rules and specifications 1 - 25 seconds minimum length, 3 minutes max 2 - entries should be in 16:9 (maintain aspect ratio off) 3 - you can make up to 2 entries 4 - you can't use ytps you created before 5 - no long unedited parts the deadline is february 14th 2018
  15. What do you think of the above youtube channel as a whole?

    Well, his channel seems fine to me. He is like the Angry Video Game Nerd but without the vulgar humor, jokes, and details. Yes, he seems calmer than AVGN. Can be quite funny sometimes. I just don't have some time to watch them all. As @mapo said, this thread should be moved to Internet & Technology because this is NOT related to poops. Can an admin or mod move this please? DrumMan190
  16. Great animation thread

  17. Your YTPs are OK, but your pacing needs to improve, some parts needs improvement, it felt pretty lazy to me.
  18. What are you listening to?: Nummer Zwei

    why is this so good?
  19. Make an Alternate Title for the Above Poop

    YTP: Protegent sucks at rap
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