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  2. General Video Game Chat Rising: Revengeance

    So Skyrim just totally stopped working on my PC. The special edition I mysteriously received out of the blue works but I don't have the specs to run it properly. So my only option is buy it again on the PS4 GODDAMN YOU TODD HOWARD
  3. HeyItsAR


    1. Paperking99


      Anything wrong?

  4. Yesterday
  5. Doubles Cup III- Set 1 Results, Set 2 Begins

    Can my team have an extension of 5 days? I'm caught up in school related things.
  6. Post a pic of a poop you're working on

    This will be the thumbnail of my next YTP, Craptain Keenukeles Loses His Overall Enthusiasm. It should be out sometime in the next 3 to 10 days.
  7. KingGr33n



    Hes a student from a school I used to go to. Check him out

  8. The Music Video YTP Collab

    ____, that's going to be challenging for me (I'm a dirty YTPer, my "cleanest" YTP currently is a repoop of Crazy Tantrum, just two curse words; not crude) I'm fine with this decade.
  9. Manga/Anime Image Spam III

  10. Rick and Morty

  11. @The Pope that's what happens when I don't wait for the page to fully load while on mobile lol. Oh well, it's worth being posted twice! Anyway,
  12. Overused jokes in YTP

    Do "lol", "wow", and "fuf" considered overused? *To the above poster
  13. The banner thread [REOPENED]

  14. Would you like to tennis the above user? II

    Yes please.
  15. Would you like to tennis the above user? II

    Not at the moment.
  16. Would you like to tennis the above user? II

    Not Really
  17. @Lady☣Venom scroll to the top of that page you goofball
  18. Oh my.. @DaftPunkYoshi posts a lot of gifs, and the girl cooking and suddenly things explode caught me off guard... Here's the intro that the scene came from: LOT OF STUPID GOOD EXPLOSIONS!!
  19. Pokemon Image Spam v2

    Celesteela redesign by * http://daftpatience.tumblr.com/post/165196520408/ The artist took requests, so I pitched, what would Celesteela look like in Gen 3 ?
  20. Post Possible Poop Titles

    Zoobilee Zoo Battles the Philadelphia Parking Authority
  21. General Film Discussion

    Banishing all dogs to an island made of garbage sounds like pretty high concept material. Those dogs look like real fucking pieces of shit.
  22. Jokey's Open Joke Tennis : Now in motion!

    NOOOOO Duke nukem impression I SAID WHEN ITS DONE. Sorry, blame me and my teacher for giving me arseload of work. I will get it done as soon as I can.
  23. Misheard Lyrics,part two~

    I still can't unhear Peter Gabriel shouting "I'm gonna pee in the river! I will pee in the river!" in the outro of Sledgehammer.
  24. Overused jokes in YTP

    I'm not sure if they count as jokes, but YTPs that use the forward/reversing technique to make someone say "yay" seem to be quite overused to me, especially if an image of Fluttershy is being used for that joke.
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