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  2. Final deadline for entries. May 25th! Final deadline for late entries. June 1st! Please submit them here or on the sonic x ytp collab discord!
  3. KingofSp4des01

    Does the above pooper's style remind you of another pooper?

    Asides from me, Kiyoten and Milly
  4. Sagan Blob

    Pooper/Source Combinations You'd Like to See

    PancakeLord117 + Any David Lynch movies (since his poops seem to inspired by Lynch's films, if Pancake ever saw one).
  5. Today
  6. BimbelyGimbly


    I’m really enjoying the Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga remake so far! Although I can’t swap bros anymore unless it’s for a specific action, I can still mutilate Luigi’s genitals for free money.

  7. Sixtyforce

    What are you listening to?: Nummer Zwei

    Gradius III is a game that I'm not particularly fond of as a game, but fuck, the soundtrack is incredible. It's probably my 2nd favourite shooter OST ever, right behind Thunder Force IV.
  8. lineofyellow5

    Post a pic of a poop you're working on

    So proud on how good this looks
  9. RCLeahcar

    • RCLeahcar
    • NationOfOranges696

    Hey thanks for the follow ^^

  10. Biodegradable

    What game have you just recently played?

    I recently played a wonderful new indie title called FAR: Lone Sails. It's gorgeous, it's simplistic, interesting and eerie with some great music and sound design. You play as a teeny little figure in a red outfit (almost like a miniature Jawa) piloting this weird train/boat thingy across a desolate wasteland that makes you feel very much like the last being on Earth. As you traverse the harrowingly empty landscape you'll have to micromanage your train/boat thingy as you keep an eye on your fuel consumption, supplementing said fuel with garbage you find, as well as collecting upgrades you'll need for your train/boat thingy to be able to conquer some of the many challenges ahead (no spoilers). It's not an overly challenging game necessarily as you'll find yourself getting used to managing your resources fairly quickly and you'll come across a few puzzles here and there when you come across certain points where you can't just plow through shit with your train/boat thingy and any seasoned video game enthusiast will finish it in about two hours, mind you however I don't hinge a game's value on length alone and neither should you! However, what FAR: Lone Sails does offer is an atmospheric and intriguing adventure that's rather fun and it's the kind of game you can kick back with and enjoy its little world. Don't lean too hard on your chair though as it does have a few set pieces that'll catch you off-guard. It's a fantastic little game and I adore it.
  11. dew✿

    Post a band/artist that you recently discovered

    i am now a slut for howard jones
  12. Biodegradable


  13. NeetYeet

    What was the most recent source you pooped!

    Steamed Hams.
  14. TheBlackWidow

    Bad/Weird/Cheesy/Forgettable/Worst Cartoons

    Can we add anything Ralph Baski did? Rotoscoping is HORRID. I seem to recall a cartoon on Cartoon network about these ppl on an island but it was stereotypes. Mike Lou and Ogg? I'm putting Annoying Orange on here too
  15. HeyItsAR

    Loss Image Spam

  16. TheBlackWidow

    General Video Game Chat Rising: Revengeance

    While not specifically stealth gameplay wise I usually try avoiding enemies in the first one. Also crawling in vents makes me feel like I'm in Die hard lol
  17. I was told to put this here, so, here you go.
  18. Holy smokes I almost jumped out of my seat. I did not see that coming.
  19. TheBlackWidow

    Worst game you've ever played

    Used to rent it frpm blockbuster until that stupid red attachment thing was stolen so I wasted money because I couldn't play. How's it shit. Compared to Banjo and Conker I mean I nominate Hey You Pikachu and Charlie's Angels. Unresponsive gimmicks, ladder climbing that takes several minutes, Drew Barrymore clearly being on Nyquil....oh also yhe "barrier" walls so you can't run around really. Pikachu was even worse. Barely responded I wanted to put it out of its misery....because that Pikachu was an ASSHOLE. The microphone sex toy looking thing barely worked. Hell Pokemon Channel is a better game but thats not saying much. Also Jynx wasn't around and I was sad.
  20. TheBlackWidow

    Guilty Pleasures in Gaming

    EL DIABLO CHIQUITA YAAAAAHHHHH God what was I thinking playing this as a kid. Catwoman is worth it for the awful graphics and Canadian accents alone. Also dat idle animation. Its actually one of the reasons im glad im not straight because id not want to be turned on. Graphics wise the animation does look good for 2004 I'm just laughing its Jennifer Hale and Halle Berry as Catwoman. Like they're using both to voice her. Weirdest shit ever (like you can tell its Halle in level select, Jen in cutscenes)
  21. TheBlackWidow

    Super Smash Bros

    I made a Kellyanne Conway mii and a Samantha Bee mii purely to have Sam beat the tar out of I a horrible person? What are the leaks/rumors? I only hope we get more female characters. It was interesting to see how many there were, has sakurai ever commented on that?
  22. P-Dash

    Artist's Lounge

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