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      Regarding the recent update   07/20/2017

      As you may be aware, the forum software underwent an update that turned out to be somewhat buggy. We rolled back the update for now, and will plan on making a more smooth transition later on in the future. In the meantime, you may notice the forum loading slowly as a lot of processes are running right now. We ask for your continued patience, and apologize for any inconvenience.
    1. Name Change

      Change your username.

      • Price: $150,000
      • Total Sold: 136
      • In Stock: 50
    2. A Promotion

      Give yourself a promotion and change your title.

      • Price: $25,000
      • Total Sold: 933
      • In Stock: 50
    3. Surprise Capsule

      It's luck of the draw! You could get anything!

      • Price: $45,000
      • Total Sold: 424
      • In Stock: 50
    4. Junior Art Kit

      NOTE: Can only be used one time every four months per person. Perfect for children of all ages! Contains fingerpaint, crayons, and highly toxic glue. Use this item to send a message to an admin to change the icon and description for a forum section [other than Tennis or Film] for a week.

      • Price: $50,000
      • Total Sold: 88
      • In Stock: 100
    5. The MacGuffin

      A collectible plot device. Only ten available! Get them while they're hot!

      • Price: $1,000
      • Total Sold: 10
      • In Stock: 0
    6. Misplaced Soviet-Era Nuclear Device

      An antiquated instrument of extreme destruction.

      • Price: $10,000
      • Total Sold: 6
      • In Stock: 0