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      By: Master Sword
      Description: For a private collab
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      [YTPentry] Keita Amano Gets LJN Games Shoved Into His Face

      By: MemeKirisame
      Description: WARNING: THIS YTP CONTAINS A LOT OF EAR RAPE! Link: https://vid.me/hqd8A https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0yEK9UL3Y5JMTNlSDJsVFg4cDA   This YTP was made for Joosh's Anime Collab 4 Source: Gamers! --- [Fair Use.] Don't blame Funimation…
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      The Redundant Revival of Two Psychotically Sadistic Chefs

      By: NKpower
      Description: The greatest adventure yet!
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      Just a Minute/Second/Hour

      By: AntiCheese
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      THE SCREECH (Morbid Storytime Gets Interrupted by a Flying Saucer)

      By: The Forbidden Dookbag
      Description: Thous would like to stay outside late deliciously?
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      Kamiсу́ка & Friends Play ポルノゲーム

      By: Mackenzie
      Description: entry to the 4th Anime Collab hosted by @Joosh Sources used: Wakaba Girl The classic YouTube Poop splash several songs by me
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      (YTP Collab Entry) "Scammer" Protegent made I.T. mad

      By: DSYTP
      Description: This is my collab entry for awildmewRBLX: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6LpMPe4MUmg Sorry for rushing some parts, I don't have enough time for improvement. As he want, this is the Clean YTP Entry. Morimoto is a fellow YTPer who I like (Warning, …