1. 1

      MAD // Daily Lives in the Harukei Shrine

      By: MemeKirisame
      Description: MAD of Cookie Kiss
    2. 2

      YTP || Scott fails to promote an app while Hastune Miku betrays him for forgetting her anniversary.

      By: MemeKirisame
      Description: I made this unexpectedly clean and sentence mix-core poop to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Hastune Miku. I had to render this poop many times.  
    3. 3

      [YTP] Harry Hill Goes to McDonald's (Collab Entry)

      By: TheWackyWeevil
      Description: Meet Harrison Hillside, a man who loves nothing more than fast food, fights and acid trips. This YTP is for Paperking99's Random Letter Collab 2, as well as becoming an entry to NKpower's British Comedy Collab. Music used: HOME - If I'm Wrong …
    4. 4

      Rolf Gets Stoned

      By: JokeyBRPG
      Description: Backup Link / video: Vidme Backup with original Rolf discovers a magical shoe that contains magical weed. Rolf snuffs it up and then experiences a visual adventure based on his state of mind. I wanted to make an entry for the Experim…
    5. 5

      Peppa Pig Goes to Denny's

      By: Paperking99
      Description: Peppa likes Denny's. EVERYONE likes Denny's!
    6. 6

      [YTP] Morty's Mind-Blowers

      By: roflcopterXD
      Description: One, two...
    7. 7

      Papu Pingas

      By: TogeBesso
    8. 8

      Lillie's Sexy Suspender Striptease

      By: RetardedAnimeParody
      Description: Lillie performs an act of fornication upon herself!
    9. 9


      By: Pizz
      Description: Dance Robot Dance [[[edited/editado]]].
    10. 10

      Noddy and the Road of Pretentious Nouns

      By: EditsOfGreatBritain
      Description: Entry for my Noddy Collab